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Deutact and How It Can Help Improve Low Blood Sugar Levels

Have you ever known that you have diabetes? If so, I'm warning you that high blood sugar levels aren't the only thing you need to worry about. Sometimes, believe it or not, diabetics are also in danger of having insufficient blood sugar in their body, and this condition is equally dangerous.

Basic Facts about Hypoglycaemia

Hypoglycaemia is a more formal term for low blood sugar. This occurs when the individual's blood sugar level is insufficient to provide the energy needed. In other words, when you feel very low, it may be that your body does not have enough glucose in it.

This condition usually appears only as a side effect of certain medical treatments for diabetes. However, there are other causes for hypoglycemia, as follows: wrong diet, excessive alcohol consumption and pregnancy or other causes for hormone imbalance.

Regardless of the cause of hypoglycemia, these symptoms are quite universal:

Hunger - This is a good indication that you have hypoglycemia, especially when it is accompanied by other symptoms.

"Poor" Feeling - When you feel strange, confused, nervous, weak, or dizzy for no reason at all, here is another strong indication that your blood sugar level is low.

Sleepiness - If your head continues to fall and you continue to vomit, you may have hypoglycemia already.

Talking Problems - Do you suddenly have a hard time involving two words together? If so, consider it another symptom of hypoglycemia.

Nightmares - Yes, nightmares are also considered a sign of glucose deficiency in your body.

Excessive sedation - whether you are sleeping or not, if you are overweight for no reason at all, is another indication that you are suffering from hypoglycemia.

How to Prevent Low Blood Sugar Levels

There are several ways to successfully prevent suffering from low blood sugar:

Medications - Are the medications you take all prescribed by your personal doctor? Even if your best friend makes suggestions on a particular drug, your best friend is not fully aware of your medical history - your doctor, so trust her, not your best friend. Certain drugs, although proven effective, may have unwanted side effects for certain types of users. Mostly with diabetic treatment, patients need to develop a match-fixing method: some medications are for you, some are not.

Diet - The type of diet you need to adhere to depends on the major causes of hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar levels caused by diabetes treatment will require a diet different from what low blood sugar levels require due to non-diabetic causes.

The role of Duetact

Recently, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. introduces a new treatment for type 2 diabetes in the market: Duetact. Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Duetact combines two popular diabetes drugs, Actos and glimepiride, into a single drug. Although ACTOS is primarily used to help individuals accept insulin into their body, glimepiride improves body insulin production.

The main objective of Duetact is to normalize blood sugar levels and maintain it that way. The Duetact method works to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia.

Because Duetact is a combination of two effective medications, taking Duetact makes it easier for diabetics to manage their medical needs.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, based in Illinois, is under Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Japan's largest pharmaceutical firm.


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