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Breastfeeding Diet - DHA Omega3 Fat is a Vital Component

I'm sure you'll agree with me that breastfeeding is the most important thing after delivery. This is because, for the first few months until the baby starts eating her own baby food, breast milk is the only source of nutrition for her.

If the breastfeeding diet is incomplete or lacking in essential vitamins or fats, the baby will not get the amount of nutrition it wants from its mother. This can negatively affect the growth and development of the baby. This is why mothers need to follow their doctor's advice on exactly what to eat during breastfeeding.

One of the key components that doctors around the world recommend in a breastfeeding diet is omeag3 DHA fat. These fats are responsible for the development and function of different bodies of the baby. Below are the advantages of a high DHA diet for infants-

1. Sharp brain

2. Better vision

3. Better hand / eye coordination

4. Good nervous and digestive system

5. Improved immune system

6. Reduce sleep disturbance

7. Improved IQ

8. Keeping better, focusing and understanding capabilities

In addition, DHA fat is required to keep a mother healthy and free from two emerging health conditions - postpartum depression and breast cancer. Postpartum depression is a neurobehavioral condition in which postpartum women experience depression. These symptoms include relaxation, loss of appetite, and loss of interest in things that were previously of interest. Although, antidepressants may help here; but then again why take medication if you can prevent the condition by increasing your DHA fat level.

Therefore, DHA fats are important in nature, they are required by the body; however, it cannot be produced by the body itself; you need to explicitly include DHA-rich foods in your diet regimen.

Hands down, cold water fish like hockey, tuna, salmon, etc. are rich sources of DHA fat. However, due to the increased pollution in the sea, eating too much fish to achieve higher DHA levels is not a good idea. Instead, experts recommend taking fish oil supplements.

Because supplements contain oils extracted from oily fish, they are rich in DHA fat. Moreover, because they go through the refining process, they are also pure. The supplements that undergo the molecular distillation process are the quality and quality of the pharmaceutical grade and are therefore best suited for the breastfeeding diet.

Now that you know the importance of omega3 DHA fat in your breastfeeding diet, your next step is to find the right fish oil supplement for you and start taking it right away. If you need my help in recommending you, visit my website mentioned below.


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