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Blood Sugar Control With Herbs - Herbal Remedies That Lower and Maintain Glucose Levels

High blood sugar levels are considered to be more than 126 mg / DL in the Blood Fasting test and 200 mg / DL in the Glucose Tolerance Test and Random Blood Sugar Test. Our diet primarily determines the sugars our body stores. Low glycemic foods such as wheat, red rice, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables take time for the body to process glucose.

In addition to diets, Ayurvedic science specifically recommends certain ingredients to help you use glucose more efficiently, control blood sugar levels and prevent cravings for sweet foods. These herbs and herbal remedies can be used as monotherapy or as aids in the control of diabetes. If you wish to take a prescription with over-the-counter diabetes medications, you should consult your doctor.

Here are the most effective herbs and herbs prescribed by Ayurveda for effective blood glucose control:

Gymnema / Gymnema sylvestre is considered one of the main herbs for controlling blood sugar levels. An additional benefit is that it does not lower them below normal. Gymnema also known as Gurmar or Meshashringi has a very curious and well-known property to prevent sugar cravings. Even for hours after taking a gymnema, sugar cannot be felt by the tongue. Clinical studies have shown that Gymnema is effective in type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Gymnema sylvestre is also effective in cholesterol control.

Karela / Momordica charantia is an excellent blood cleanser, detoxicant and greatly improves digestion and absorption. The main components of Karela are lactins, charantins and momordicines that have antilipolytic and lipogenic effects similar to insulin. Even gurmarin in Karela is similar to cow's insulin. Researchers in Britain have found that Karela has hypoglycemic principles that are helpful in lowering blood glucose and urine levels. Karela is also known as Bitter Melon.

Neem / Azhadiracta indica is another bitter ingredient that has been shown to have good effects on controlling blood glucose levels and preventing hyperglycaemia caused by glucose and adrenaline. It is also a blood purifier and is used for detoxification. Neem has been shown to significantly and consistently reduce the need for insulin for imbalance, fast insulin, and sensitive forms of diabetes Diabetes insulin. Even based on successful clinical trials, the FDA equivalent has approved Neem as a cure for diabetes.

Pitasara / Pterocarpus marsupium Pterocarpus marsupium extract has been shown to regenerate functional pancreatic beta cells that can be damaged by high blood sugar. This kind of activity is not found in any other natural drug or agent.

Diabecon is a herbal formulation of over 35 ayurvedic herbs and minerals. Diabecon herbs work to reduce and maintain blood sugar levels, prevent candy, repair and regenerate beta cells as well as reduce long-term diabetes complications. It also helps reduce LDL and increase HDL levels.


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