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Beating the Pregnancy Belly Fat Safely

Getting pregnant during pregnancy is a lot - but once the baby arrives, you'll be able to get back to normal as soon as possible. This will be different for everyone, but there are a few things you can do that will help beat pregnancy pregnancy fat!

  1. The first is to stop worrying about it! With a new baby at home, the level of sleep may be low and the stress levels may be high - both tend to make it harder, easier and worrying about losing weight! Just know that this period will pass and you can and will lose that weight.

  2. Know that your body needs time to recover from pregnancy. Again - everyone is a bit different for how much time, but don't expect to return to the next morning - let alone hit your 5 personal best miles. Give yourself a slack on your way back to exercising, otherwise you could easily cause injury.

  3. When you shop - make sure you have a plan before you go. Shopping with a baby is NOT the same as shopping for yourself or as a couple! If you try to do it when you go to the store - you WILL buy everything wrong ...

  4. Plan to have a lot of healthy foods available at home. This does not have to be a type of fresh fruit meal, but it has a nutritious, calorie-rich and easy-to-make diet. Bean soup has become a lifesaver for us - calories controlled, tastes great and is REALLY easy to make - especially with microwaves!

When you're ready to go for a complete diet plan - take some time to research different weight loss sites, sign up for some email information and educate yourself. The most expensive programs out there may not be the best for you. Just remember - pregnancy belly fat happens to everyone - and you CAN lose it!


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