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April - Good Friend, Family Member

April and her sister Spot are Walmart dogs. My family has just moved into a house in the country with a quarter acre back yard. My kids have been living in the same apartment for the past year and it's time to have a puppy to love and be loved.

While shopping at Walmart a man stood near the exit with a black lab dog dog. Having two children, we took two - April and Spot. We were living in Edmond, OK at the time. It was weeks after the horrific bombings and somehow celebrating life was at the top of our list. April and Spot were born on the day of the bombing - so these kids have something special in our hearts. April is named after her birth month and Spot has freckles on her tongue. In addition, they are two black laboratories.

Although we have a large backyard, April and Spot were born to roam. They would jump over the fence 6 feet every morning - making me late to work trying them out. In their daily adventures, they will bring home all kinds of items including: shoes, newspapers, and even welcome mats as treasures. I started putting treasures near our mailbox, hoping some of our rural neighbors would recognize and reclaim lost items. As much as I can, April will feel the need to run away and be free. One night I noticed she had wrinkles under her chin. Another trip to the vet revealed that he had been hit by a car and from that day on, he had very shaky skin - still to this day.

Fast forward, April has two sets of puppies. She's a great mom. One of the puppies, there were nine in the trash, was born with a hole in his chest. I remember calling a veterinarian and asking for his advice. He was a good man and said he could make a house call the next day. The next day, I noticed that April had taken the puppy from the others and was laying motionless beneath it. I called a veterinarian and he explained that in nature, a mother dog would angrily prevent a pup from suffering. But she treats her other children with loving care.

One April I came home and I could tell she was sick. I called a veterinarian and they told me that they could do exploratory surgery on him, but he watched for 24-48 hours. I remember, they probably ate frogs. After dropping my kids to bed, I took out my blanket and pillow and laid down next April in the middle of the kitchen floor. I looked into her eyes and I could see she was safe with me there. We were tied up that night, she knew I was there for her. Within a few days, he returned to his good self, jumped the fence and hurried to my hand if he heard a thunder. I don't think it's a frog.

I moved to Houston and couldn't bring the dog with me, so my mother who lives in Arkansas in the country welcomed them. April and Spot became the farm dogs, living at home, but with a large area of ​​farmland. April loves to roll in cowpies and put a deep belly in the spring that flows through the hot summer days. Then my mom would move to a small village, Western Grove. She built a fence to keep April in her backyard, but April was older and fat because my mom ate so much, she no longer jumped the fence.

I would visit my mom every year, and during this time, April was my mother's best friend and guardian. He is still alive. With its hoarse skin, no one dares to enter the house. April lives well with Morris (a house cat who lives to the age of 25) and several other kittens. She's friends with cats. I remember feeling sorry that April, who lived at home, had never gone outside and had no other dog to communicate with.

I'll tell her every time I visit that I hope she'll come with me again. I think he understands. When my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in December 2008, I loaded my mom into my SUV and moved her to my house. April and my son Elliott drove back to Houston in my mother's old truck. April is our dog again. One of my mother's last visitors was April. She patiently stood by her bed and scratched her tail as she spoke.

When my mom graduated in January 2009, April was our last connection to my mom. She is now the mother of our dog family. We have three Yorkers all competing for April.

In the last two years, April has lost her sight, she doesn't hear it well and her sense of smell isn't there, but when you smell it, she shakes her tail. She always looks like us and will sleep in the same room. I see that in April now, he no longer jumps the fence, or has a puppy, but he is still our beloved guardian, friend and family member.

She was here so she decided it was time for her to move. He's been here for us, we're here for him. April has taught me many life lessons in sixteen years, but the best is unconditional love.


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