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Zotrim Ingredients

If the name Zotrim sounds like a kind of diet pill to you, then you're absolutely right. Zotrim is a diet pill made by Natures Remedies, a UK company founded by 3 doctors a decade ago. It claims to lose weight by slowing down your digestion, making you feel full and eat less. Another effect is that it also increases calorie intake by increasing physical activity and mental alertness. Another attraction is that it uses three natural herbal ingredients namely Yerba, Guarana, and Damiana.

So what is this? Let's take a closer look at these three main ingredients. "Primer" means the active ingredient in this case, as there are several other substances that enter into Zotrim. These inactive ingredients mainly stabilize the powders and capsules so that they have no effect on the product.

Yerba Mate

The Yerba pair are native plants of South America such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. There, it is made into a tea, or used in a variety of drinks, even carbonated beverages. It is a popular drink, with many benefits. In this case, the yerba partner should help you lose weight. The Yerba couple contains xanthine, which is an alkaloid similar to caffeine, as well as a stimulant. It differs from caffeine though, as xanthine affects the muscles while caffeine affects the central nervous system. Consumers say it produces a state of alertness such as caffeine, but does not produce any negative effects, namely anxiety, anxiety, and heart rate.


Guarana is a native herb of South America, mainly in the Amazon basin and especially in Brazil. It has a high concentration of caffeine, which is meant to be a defense toxin. The synonym used for caffeine in relation to guarana is "guranine". This high concentration of guaranine means that it is a powerful stimulant, and indeed guarana is used in many energy drinks. Side effects related to caffeine also come with guaranine, as they are essentially the same compound.


Damiana is a shrub that grows throughout Central and South America. It has long been used to make herbal teas that treat a variety of diseases and increase libido. Some say that strawberry is an ingredient in the original version of the popular cocktail, margarita. Some helpful diseases are:

o Low estrogen, fragility, heat stroke, premenstrual syndrome.

o Infertility, menopause, prostate inflammation.

o Fibromyalagia, low energy, emphysema, Lou Gehrig's disease.

o Other things related to reproductive organs, men and women.

Taken alone, none of these ingredients are known specifically for weight loss. Taken together, as in Zotrim, and they can create synergistic effects that make you longer. Anxiety and physical activity are the result of caffeine and caffeine compounds. Be warned that excessive consumption of caffeine and substances like caffeine can cause adverse side effects.


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