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You Aren't a Big Fat Major Loser After All

I was recently told by a teenager that his life was a "ruined mess." In the fact that she is my daughter, I find her comments funny. He actually has a great life, and he believes that most of the time. It was one of those times where in those days everything seemed very exciting. He knows he won't get what he wants when he wants. My husband and I laughed about it later, as we could see things he could not understand about his life, his future, his talents, and his personality. From his point of view, however, the value of his life depends on one thing he wants. When he can't do it, life is nothing he wants to experience. He's a loser.

It's actually in line with our nutritional and health views in this story. So many times I have experienced, both in my own life and in the lives of others I speak with, someone or something that tells us that we are just losing when it comes to how we eat and how we look at food.

To go further with this concept, what about the quiz?

I thought about my eating habits:

  1. once a day

  2. once a week

  3. once a month

  4. once an hour

I definitely need to eat more vegetables:

  1. Every day

  2. every meal

  3. for snacks

  4. I'm allergic to vegetables

I eat junk food:

  1. frequent

  2. 2 times a day

  3. as twice a day

  4. sometimes

Here is the answer. If you answer any of the questions in question 1, you are a normal human being and should not be hit on the head by the facts of a healthy diet. If you answer numbers one to three in question 2, you have fallen under the Nazi Nutrition spell which means to tell you that perfectionism must be achieved for you to feel and be healthy. If you answer any of your questions in Question 3, you must be held guilty because you are referring to something that contains nutritional content (though small) as "trash."

It is not possible to achieve a perfect daily diet. There are too many variables working in our body from time to time, and even scientifically there is no "control group" to compare the effects of that day's diet on your body. When we feel like fighting is hard to eat well, 99.9% of us will fail. It's because eating is more than just drinking food for us. There are too many emotional bonds, psychological effects, and personal tastes at work before, during, and after eating into our mouths.

What if instead of being hunted by outsiders and bullies living in our heads, we decided to be peaceful with what we ate? What if the world was filled with people who gave us advice on food No. tell us what to eat? Instead, they give us information about our daily intake and then tell us they trust us, and we can't disappoint them, even if we eat fries for our lunch? What if they start talking to us about everything we do That's right in the last 365 days? How do you look at your eating habits when you know that no one has been brought down by anyone, including yourself?

I suggest you try it for a week. Whenever you hear someone outside or in your head say something negative about your diet, tell them to go, because it's not their business. One week - that's what I recommend. I'm sure you already know what's going to happen.

This way, if you answer number four in question 2, you can't disappoint me. I trust you.


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