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Weight Loss Tips - Healthy Breakfast Boosts Metabolism

We all know for a while that breakfast is part of that day. Now studies show that, regardless of physical activity, eating high fiber cereals in the morning at least three times a week leads to lower body mass index. The study followed 2,300 adolescent girls for ten years, and was conducted by the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood in the United States.

One reason people skip breakfast is because they try to reduce their overall calorie intake. While it is important to avoid eating too many calories, eating breakfast, even with a simple smoothie, or some fruit, will reduce your desire to serve chocolate or other unhealthy options, as well as improve your performance at work and reduce fatigue. Sometimes it's not just the total calorie intake, but the type of food we eat too. Get some carrots instead of toast - not only will you get fiber, but phytochemicals like carotene and other vitamins will help you get the most out of your body and your day. And if you're feeling a bit uneasy about buying fruits and vegetables, visit a local fruit seller on your way to your local coffee shop before work. It defeats the nutrition of the muffin.

And for the last word to be exceeded by calorie restriction, recent research has found that although mice will live up to 50% longer with less food, humans do not. Most have a low calorie diet for your life is extending your time on this earth by 7%.

Physiologically, eating breakfast will actually increase your metabolism. And what better way to do that than to invest in a bottle of diet pills.

Some tips for parents and pregnant women. Preliminary studies suggest that overweight mothers (think Britney Spears) have children who are more prone to overweight in childhood. This creates a problem with food from a young age. Watch out for teens or children who develop poor eating habits, are associated with inactivity such as playing PlayStation or xbox games, and watching television at the expense of non-sports activities such as having a job or joining a school club. These children will have a greater tendency to become overweight or obese.

One of the keys to integrating changes in your diet, whether with the goal of losing weight, or just being healthier, is to add variety. It's easy to get into complicated foods, block out something tasty to eat that will also support our goals. Planning ahead, and doing a little research, can be one way to alleviate those moments when the desire to snatch something unhealthy is fueled by a hungry, unhealthy meal.

Here are three breakfast recipes that will add some variation to all the essential dishes, as well as provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.

Delicious Tropical Muesli

Meals 2 to 4. Preparation time - 10 minutes.


  • Muesli - 100gm

  • Wheat flakes - 50gm

  • Apple - peeled and grated - 1n

  • Low Fat or Fruit Yogurt Scheme- 500gm

  • Mango - peeled and cut into strips - 1no

  • Penis - pulp of 2

  • Almonds, toast - 11/2 teaspoons


Mix together muesli, wheat, apples and half yogurt in a bowl and refrigerate overnight. Divide into four bowls. Especially with the remaining bacteria, mango, passion fruit and almond nuts.

Choose normal low-fat yogurt for the least calories. Fruits and flavored products have extra calories. Sweet nonfat yogurt with artificial sweeteners is a great choice for nutrition. Empty yogurt is the best choice for cooking.

Great mango

Meal 2. Preparation time - 10 minutes.


  • Mango and chopped -125 grams

  • Chopped pineapple - 1 no

  • Papaya peeled and chopped - 125 grams

  • Kiwi fruit - chopped - 2 no

  • Tropical fruit juice - 150 ml

  • Honey - 2 tbsp


Mix all the fruits together and pour the fruit juice and honey on top. This is a great dish to start your day.

Summer Special Salad

4. Cooking time - 20 minutes.


  • Water melon - 1 no (medium size)

  • Tomatoes - ½ kg

  • Celery - 20 grams

  • Orange -4 no

  • Wine -100 grams

  • Pineapple (chopped) - 1 cup

  • Raisins - 12 no

  • Salt and pepper - to taste

Salad Dressing

  • Salad oil - 6 teaspoons

  • Mustard -2tsp

  • Onion - 2 no

  • Pepper - 2tsp

  • Sugar -1 tbsp

Mix all ingredients for salad dressing in mixer.


Cut all fruits and vegetables. Take the pulp from the melon and put all the chopped fruits and tomatoes into the outer cover of the melon. Pour the salad over. Garnish with raisins.

Serve cold.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables provides many of their vitamins that are not eliminated by the cooking process. It also means that you have good enzymes to help the digestive process. Watermelon is rich in vitamin C and is also one of the few sources of lycopene, others are tomatoes, red grapefruit and ginger. Lycopene is a very effective antioxidant.


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