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Weight Loss and Fat Loss

The diet industry is saturated with thousands of pills, plans and procedures that all claim to do the same: make you lose weight. While it is common for people to see some of the early decisions, most cases end up leaving the dieter upset where they started - disappointed, frustrated, and sometimes even more desperate than before!

This struggle marks one of the most prominent misconceptions about achieving life-changing health and fitness. This article will explain the important differences between weight loss and fat loss.

Is Weight Loss?

If you've ever been on a diet, lost weight just to get it back, or starved to death, you're one of the many frustrated diets in the weight loss category. The first thing to understand about weight loss is to break down words. True weight refers to the mass of your whole body; your bones, your organs and your fluid all calculate your weight. Knowing this, it is very easy to conclude how a diet program makes you lose weight.

Most diets operate by significantly reducing or eliminating carbohydrate intake, which, by design, is used by your body to store and hold water. Remember, about 60% of your weight is just water. Therefore, when your water supply is depleted, the water cannot go but get out of your body and you lose weight. It's not like a reliable weight loss plan is it? It raises many questions about dehydration and other potentially harmful symptoms. And at the same time, the weight of the water you lose isn't all that important; maybe 10-15 pounds maximum and it will only be a long time before it comes back.

What is Fat?

Now we know what weight is, and most of us have a pretty good idea of ​​what fat is, so let's explain what we know. Excess fat, whether in our stomach, legs or arms is a nuisance and can be a serious threat to our health. In other words, fat is that an overweight person wants to lose more than just some type of weight.

The best way to measure fat is to determine the percentage of fat in our body. For women, the healthy range is between 20-35% and for men it is between 8-22% depending on age. This is a valuable tool because it helps you understand where you are and where you need to go to achieve real and lasting fat loss. Losing fat is what makes you leaner and more athletic. Plus, losing fat improves almost every aspect of your general health, especially your metabolism, which makes it harder for your weight to disappear!

Let's save by reviewing key points

- Weight Loss and Fat Loss are two different things

- Losing weight can actually make your weight problems worse in the long run. It leaves you hungry and more likely to return to poor eating habits that make you lose weight.

- Reducing your body fat percentage will result in the physical improvement you are looking for and improve your overall health.


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