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TTC With PCOS - Stories of Hope

Women with this condition know what they like about PCOS - TTC with polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you are one of the less fortunate to be diagnosed with PCOS but want to get pregnant, frustration can eventually lead to depression and depression.

However you do not have to give up. Although TTC with PCOS is difficult, it is not impossible. All across the country, more and more women are learning to discover in spite of their circumstances. For many of them, this method has been a remarkable success. Here are three inspirational stories to prove there is hope to get pregnant, even if you have PCOS:

Go natural

After Eva realizes she has not regained her cycle since taking the pill, she decides to check on her. It turns out she has PCOS, along with hypothyroidism. Although her doctor immediately recommended Metformin, Eva decided to go with a natural approach - a low glucose index (GI) diet and some natural supplements to help her ovaries. He also chose to lose weight to help regulate his cycle.

He decided to start with acupuncture. She agreed to a five-week program with her therapist, and then they would determine if she responded to the treatment. She also started taking zinc supplements - zinc is a mineral that helps with ovulation, and she has little in it. Her level was high, and she had to cut tuna from her diet. The same diet cuts sugar, refined carbohydrates, and artificial additives.

Eva's weight loss program consists of going to the gym 4 times a week for cardio exercises, doing bodyweight exercises once a week, and swimming weekly. When all was said and done, he lost 15 pounds.

Finally, she took different herbal supplements to disinfect her system and promote ovulation. All of that work was finally spent just a month later, when she planted and then became pregnant. She is now the proud mother of Noah, her beautiful girl.

It's All in the Diet

Sarah was 30 when she was diagnosed with PCOS, and it was heartbreaking. However, she is determined to become pregnant, despite her circumstances. She went to a fertility specialist who raised her with different treatments - metformin and Clomid - but was unsuccessful. She then chose to undergo laparoscopic ovarian drilling, a rather invasive surgical procedure, to increase her chances of pregnancy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The duration is still unpredictable, and the ovaries cannot be beaten.

Although many have been discouraged at the moment, Sarah is not - nor is she a gynecologist. Her GYN refers to an endocrinologist who specializes in cases like Sarah. Endocrinologists immediately suggested that Sarah undergo a low GI diet, and to get help from a dietitian to work on it. Sarah went through the necessary lifestyle changes, even buying a cup to make sure her sugar intake was controlled, and she eventually got used to the change.

Months after starting a new lifestyle, Sarah decides to go to the IVF clinic to try her luck. To his surprise, the doctor told him he had turned on the moon! Fast forward about a year later, and Sarah doesn't have one baby - she has twins! Talk about a double blessing!

A Clomid Baby Couple

Speaking of twins, Melissa has her own pair, thanks to Clomid treatment. What's even more amazing is the fact that the twins - a man and a woman - came after their first daughter, also conceived with the help of Clomid! Melissa is one of the rare cases where this drug works like a charm; although she has PCOS, she has a problem getting pregnant when she wants to. To date, she has had three pregnancies since taking her PCOS, and she has never been happier.

These three stories prove that there is hope for TTC women despite having PCOS. All it takes is patience, effort, a little luck, and the right treatment for your case.


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