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The Top Three Secrets of Losing Weight

If you are overweight and tired of it, you may be dreaming that there is a miracle of healing out there somewhere, if only you could find it. Then you just pop the pill, sweep the cream, drink the shake, or whatever, and the next day you wake up 20 pounds lighter. Great idea, but it won't happen.

His face - we're fat because we don't use the calories we promise. No one makes us fat, we do it ourselves. Only we can change ourselves, but it may be easier than you think. There are some key secrets to losing weight - and turn it off - that diet book won't tell you.

Why not? Because of that, diet book sales are going down!

The top three secrets they'll never tell you are:

* you Don't need a diet to lose weight

* Food 'special slimming' can actually make you fatter

* Learning to cook instead of eating ready-to-eat foods will make you slimmer

Anyone who has been on a diet - and most of us at one point - knows that in the long run they are not functioning well. People see food like buses. You continue, travel, and then descend again. Or, after your diet goes back to all the bad eating habits you've done before. Failure to maintain weight is almost guaranteed.

The thing is, when you are dressed, the clothes just cover you. But when you eat something, it becomes part of your body. A little of what makes you unique. Does that make us all think a little more about what we bring into our mouths?

Unfortunately not. We seem to be happy to fill up any old garbage, especially if it is edible and cheap. Which usually means high fat, high sugar and high salt all tied to this, that and others. OK, it may taste good (maybe), but what's going on in our stomach?

The next time you take a package of ready-to-eat, hot-ready or microwave-able food from the supermarket, take a second to look at the ingredients. There may be more additives in it than cans in the pet food aisle.

But cooking good food at home need not be afraid. It's often easier and faster than reheating ready-to-eat foods. And it can be cheaper! Not to mention more nutritious and less fat.

Don't get fat, get it too (slim)!


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