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The Dukan Diet Fast Weight Loss Program - Read This If You're On The Fence

Dukan Diet is breaking news, there are many people who declare diets as their weight lifter and others are panning the diet regime as fad and lightning in the pan. Well, as far as lightning is in the pan, I don't care about the 10-year history of the fast weight loss plan, and I don't give the figure of tens of thousands of evangelists. I have many years of experience and I have a combined testimony of 1000s of people on the dairy diet forum. Our Dukes all stand by their diet and give evidence that yes, this regime works. What I love about being a pure person is sharing your Dukan dieting experience honestly.

And in this spirit, I want to share my own experience. There are some criticisms that people who lose weight on the Dukan diet put on weight. Well, welcome, welcome to the real world. There are people who go on a diet, who manage to lose weight and then return to their old ways and, inevitably, lose weight again. What's wrong with this?

I'll tell you what's wrong with this ... nothing!

It makes me wonder what the planet critics of the Dukan diet are when they lie to people who lost weight on the Dukan diet but then put the weight back on. This can happen to anyone. Sometimes, for some people, events and circumstances are a priority and you know what? Diet sometimes is not that important. And that Amen.

I always, from the first post on the Dukan dairy diet to this post, maintain that if your dietary solution makes you miserable, or if your weight is suddenly not the most important thing in your life, then make a change. I've met so many beautiful and beautiful people, what our society calls it, overweight, which I respect and appreciate that I know for a fact that size and shape aren't really important when assessing one's worth. I also met people who were heavy and their shape made them miserable and they wanted to change.

For people who want to change ... and only for them and for what they want to change, I recommend the Dukan diet. Why not? Because, it's the fastest, easiest and most life-changing weight loss solution I've ever had.

If you want to lose weight - as much as I want to lose weight when I'm about 30 lbs than I'm happy with - then the Dukan diet is definitely a candidate to consider.

Critics of the diet say it's unbalanced. My answer to that? If you are overweight, if you are living from fast food, snacks, chocolates and sweets - how balanced is your diet right now? The Diet Diet introduces vegetables and fruits, wheat bread and oat bran by way of making these ingredients warm and hopeful. Before I ate the Dukan diet, I hated and abstained from all fruits and vegetables. Now this food is part of my weekly menu.

Losing weight throughout my adult life, I abstained from diet to either never lose any significant weight or lose 30 lbs and then put it back in a few weeks after ending the diet.

Dukan Diet is not like this. Why not? I believe that the reason this diet is different is that the Dukan diet, unlike other diets, teaches you to appreciate, enjoy and look for healthy fruits and vegetables.

I think I was a hopeless case. In my thirties and my way. I know what food I like and want and nothing will change. Actually, I feel dissatisfied. I think this is my way of gaining weight will be an inevitable aspect of my life.

Well I'm wrong!

And I'm thankful I found the Dukan diet.

Diet Diet changes the way I think about food - for the better - and it is this change that allows me to lose weight, and maintain weight, easily. I bought the official book, less than I ever spent on one meal at McDonalds, KFC, or Burger King, and followed the plan. In the first few days I seemed to lose weight without feeling hungry. This is the easiest and fastest diet I've ever had!

But the biggest surprise for me was my expectation - the way I look forward to it - healthy and nutritious vegetables. And it's not because I'm hungry! Far from it. Before starting this diet, I woke up not feeling hungry just for an hour or so. For the whole day, all I could think about was food. At the end of the day I eat so much that I feel stuffed and bloated. I am bothered by the extreme symptoms - heartburn, indigestion and bloating.

In the day or earlier my diet not only said goodbye to these unpleasant symptoms but I had lost a strong craving for food that made my life miserable.

I learned to appreciate what I put into my mouth and my taste buds started. Within a few weeks of eating healthy and nutritious foods is not a distant hope but a daily reality.

I believe that the success of the Dukan diet is solely about results. The way this regime works is simple, although some people believe it is a kind of 'magic'. diet. High protein content and low carbohydrate make the body feel fuller and more satisfied. The usual western diet, I seem to be full, fat and carbohydrate, are two things that increase appetite from satisfying - why do you think restaurants offer snacks like nuts to encourage appetite?

With a naturally suppressed appetite, I believe we have the opportunity to stop and think about what we eat without constantly craving sweet but sweet and fatty snacks.

Diet Diet is a fast weight loss diet. This means that people should be aware that you have lost weight within the first few days after starting the regime. What better motivation to keep from thinking what you've achieved?

I usually give up my diet after a few weeks simply because I love food and can't see that I've actually achieved anything by starving myself! You don't even get anything from starving yourself. Any weight you initially lose will always be revived. This diet is not a starvation diet - you can eat as much as you want while following the Dukan regime! Even while eating until you feel like quitting, if you follow this diet, you will lose weight. And weight loss should be fast! Imagine being 3 weeks into a new diet, with friends and acquaintances already praising you for a clear weight loss! How easy was it to give you that achievement?

Dukan Diet is not a miracle diet. Nor is a magical weight loss program that guarantees you will be shed by the pound without effort. But in my opinion, and the opinion of hundreds of people using our own forum, the Dukan diet is the easiest, fastest and most satisfying weight loss program today.


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