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The 5D's For Dumping Your Cravings

I have always taught that desire is a weakness and that if I become stronger I can win against the cookie giant. Then when that desire was overcome and I indulged myself, I began to hate myself because I could not control my desire for salt and candy.

When I gained weight, I started to hate my body. I went from abusing it with pills, starvation, compulsive workouts and pectin blends. Even when I weighed 127 pounds all I could see was around me.

The point is that when we abuse our body, say negative things, ignore its message, it will gain weight because it doesn't trust you to take care of it.

I'm asking you to divert the mind. Cravings actually signal that you are unbalanced in some way. Cravings are the language that the body uses to communicate with you.

Think of your body as your baby. When you have no desire to panic. Instead take a deep breath and ask him the following questions:

1. Are you thirsty?

Drink a large glass of pure water. Starvation can actually be thirsty.

2. Do I want more than I have?

Do you just eat something sweet or salty and you want more? Try using a tongue cleaner because salt and sugar can be hidden in our small appetite and use a tongue cleaner that can take out the waste and eliminate your cravings.

3. What is bothering me?

Do you want comfort? Are you angry? We tend to use food when we feel uncomfortable. Instead of eating why not try to write about your feelings. Don't think about just writing it out and putting it out on a piece of paper.

4. Am I starving?

When was the last time you ate? When we reach a hunger level of 0, it seems that other forces take over our bodies. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow but ideally, make sure you always have a healthy snack nearby.

What if you ask a question and you still want the chocolate cake but you also don't want to feel the guilt that comes afterwards. Use 5D to get rid of your desires:

D: Drink a big glass of water. Water tends to be a great equalizer and can wash away your desires.

D: Move yourself. Walk a dog or call a friend

D: Do some jump jacks for 5 minutes. A quick endorphin rush can ruin your appetite

D: Decide on healthy alternatives: Brainstorm healthy alternatives that will ease your cravings.

D: Explain: Treat you, but eat only 3 bites while laying your fork after each bite.

Cravings are a part of life, they are just a way for our bodies to communicate with us. Facing your desires, feeding the desires they need will eliminate their desire.


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