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The 4 Eternal Pillars of Muscle Building

No body wants to be "soft". Being muscular is not only healthy but also physically attractive, cool and ... really sexy.

A body that has a pair of "love handles" and a good belly is not very attractive or sexy anywhere or anytime ... but it's very unattractive and definitely not sexy when you put it in a swimsuit and take it to the pool or the beach. Like it or not, MUSCLE is more attractive than fat!

Physical fitness is based on muscle development and simultaneous fat loss. You want to KEEP the muscles you have and build them, while getting rid of the "darkness".

The four pillars of this muscle building remain and remain unchanged, regardless of age, gender, or origin:

1. Strength Training
2. Cardio Exercise
3. Diet
4. Mental Training

If you leave any of the four columns of muscle building, your efforts will fail. You can't build muscle on just one pole at a time. ALL pillars must be used from the beginning of any muscle building program for you to succeed.

Tube Building # 1: Strength Training

All the muscle building programs I've seen started with strength training ... usually lifting weights. Weight lifting is a good option for strength training but it is not the only one.

Weight training can be used instead of or in conjunction with weight lifting. If you refuse, you have lost weight. If you do chin-ups, you've lifted your weight.

Tube Building # 2: Cardio Exercises

Cardio training is often called aerobic exercise. Walking, jogging, biking, cardio machines, aerobics training classes are all cardio training options.

Building Tube # 3: Diet

The idea here is to feed the muscles while reducing fat, and to do so without starving the whole body. Hunger diets and "fad" diets do not always work well to produce results when you want to build muscle.

Low calorie - but balanced diet - nutrition is what works. Eat healthy and rely on extra fat training.

Tube Building # 4: Mental Training

Most people think that height / weight insurance plans can tell them how physically fit they are. They also believe that scale is the only tool needed to determine whether a physical fitness program works. That's right. It's just wrong.

Weight ratio to height is important, but NOT the only factor. The mind must dispel the old-fashioned idea of ​​fitness and accept the fact that body fat percentage is more important than numbers on the scale - and how to dress and how you look are more important.


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