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Stem Cell Treatment - The Cure For the Diabetes Epidemic

The Internal Medicine Archive recently stated that the annual cost of drugs to treat Diabetes has doubled to $ 12 billion dollars over the last six years. 7.8 percent of Americans have diabetes and that percentage is increasing. The rate of increase in Diabetes is at an epidemic level.

Many of us think of Diabetes as "a disease where you have to take insulin." There is more to it. Complications of diabetes include increased risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney disease, amputation, dental disease, and more. The health costs of treating this condition are astronomical. Not many people know about the Diabetes outbreak. However, the Health Authority has been talking about "Epidemic Diabetes" for a long time - almost half a century!

It is a quiet outbreak that is now in its 46th year; slowly and accidentally impact millions of lives. Diabetes outbreaks show no signs of slowing down despite recent advances in Diabetes medicine. It already consumes most of the country's poor health budget. Mexico and Indonesia are in trouble now. India may come with 40 million diabetic patients and count them.

No one really understands that this epidemic has the power to destroy the medical infrastructure of developed and advanced countries over the next 15 years. We think that if we could just get our diabetics to take their pills, then diet and exercise would be great. While this may be true for diabetics, the fact is that most diabetics will not follow any diet (and what diet should follow is the subject of another article).

The United States is the only country with half a century of reliable diabetes statistics, yet no one seems to be analyzing the data. If you look at those figures - the 45-year growth rate for diabetics in the United States began in 1963 with United States Centers for Disease Control (2007) estimates of the cost of diabetes ($ 174 billion) in 2007. If we continue this step, the cost is about one trillion dollars by 2025. That's not too far. If the next 15 years continue at this rate, many of the world's healthcare systems will collapse financially.

However, there is a solution. Unfortunately, no one noticed. The only new treatment that actually works clinically today, Adult Stem Cell therapy is being ignored. Stem cell treatment using Adult Stem Cells is effective in helping current diabetes patients in small clinics in Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Costa Rica and several other countries. However, it is a very small scale.

The more people realize the benefits of adult stem cells, the more lives will be saved. The question is will people recognize this benefit in the time before multinational medical infrastructure collapsed?


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