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Rheumatoid Arthriris - Natural Treatment

When it comes to finding natural remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis, or some form of natural treatment, I find myself knocking. The Medical Notes and Articles tell me that there is no known cure, and how the disease is getting worse the more patients have it.

As a specified species, I started searching the Internet to see if I could find these rare natural remedies, if they could be found. But as I searched I read horror stories after horror stories. I read how the joints in the body become inflamed, and how they are getting more painful that sometimes the patient can't get out of bed.

The list of joints affected by this inflammatory disease is huge. The toes, ankles, knees, hips, arms, fingers, wrists, shoulders, and everywhere there are joints in the body.

Because the disease holds in the patient can expect defects, and for example the patient may have very weak fingers or toes, which will cause permanent pain.

Further reading on the Medical section of the Doctors and Answers section is still unclear what caused it. Some think that it may come from a patient's diet, while others will say that it comes from some form of bug that has been present in a patient's diet. In one case, it was believed to have started from a throat infection but at the end of the day I didn't think they knew.

I came up with some facts and figures during my research, which is scary to say the least. Under normal circumstances when the patient is diagnosed he will be sick, and may take many painkillers. Between three and five years a patient will not be able to work, and will be a limited degree in their home. After ten years the disease will be controlled, and the severe defects, and the severe pain will continue with them.

But after all this torment and gloom I found one or two references to natural remedies from natural treatment, and thousands were relieved of pain and suffering. At this point it feels like a breath of fresh air because I've seen something like this before with complaints and other illnesses. Things like curing or treating Cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, High Blood Pressure, Asthma, and many other diseases.

This release comes in the way of Medical Science recognizing that our lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last 100 years, and that we eat foods that in many cases cannot be taken away. Add pollution to the equation and you have a recipe for disaster, and that's why we have all these diseases.

For some time now the Doctor has known that the body can store a wide range of chemicals, and metals in the fat we have in our body. It is the aspect that causes sadness and pain. Get rid of it, and the body can then recover.

The first thing to do is to Cleanse and Detox the body which will allow the body good cells to fight the bad. Combine this with getting patients to eat the right kind of food, and then the antidote can begin.

Medical science has shown that some foods can affect the body's acidity. This then creates bad cells that are responsible for pain and suffering. Therefore, if the patient had alkaline foods there would be no bad cells because good enough cells are produced to fight and kill the bad ones. It's very similar to someone who has Gout. If the body produces a lot of uric acid then it gets into the blood, and the crystals in the joints give the patient symptoms of Gout. For anyone who has experienced Gout, it will not hurt.

Maybe I should explain at this point what is the alkali diet? It is a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with the odd exception. Meat is very acidic, while something like melon is very alkaline. The only thing a patient should watch out for is that the vitamin level is kept at the right level. This is where it is always advisable to talk to your doctor, and make sure that you also have a Nutritionist to advise you on a diet.

Please note that I am not a Doctor, or in any way affiliated with the Medical profession, and I always advise you to speak through your Doctor. I'm not qualified to give you medical advice, and the only thing I do is pass the information I read. If you type Rheumatoid Arthritis into a search engine on the Internet, you will find the same results I told you about. (Most of these reports are generated by the Doctor) If you suffer from a severe illness you may not want to talk to your Doctor, but again it will be your choice. Some Doctors may not be so happy with this type of treatment, and they may try to discuss it.


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