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Reasons Why People Gain Weight - It All Comes Down to the Metabolism!

You know, people say, I eat healthier and I still gain weight, how could that be. But instead, I look at their menu and I see, they don't really eat healthier.

What does it have to do with healthy food? If you think eating sandwiches with two large pieces of white bread, lots of cheese and meat, two pieces of salad is a healthy meal, don't get me wrong. And besides, not knowing why, is why people gain weight!

But let's say you have a piece of steak, with steamed vegetables on the side, and a garden salad, these days actually include a lot of calories, and it will be a healthier meal. You think good diet steak is good? Yes, if you don't know, lean meat is a great way to boost your metabolism.

This being said, this is why most people gain weight. They do not understand how their body works. Some people will starve to death and eat only fruits and vegetables to lose weight and they will be wrong too! It also makes people lose weight in the long run and not lose it.

When you are hungry, you slow down metabolism. Foods like negative calorie foods are healthy, but they don't make you happy for long periods of time, they make you hungry and as I say, when you are hungry, you slow down metabolism.

Now you know what speeds up metabolism, proper diet and exercise! If you don't know how it all works, there are free guides to speed up metabolism that can help.

But the bottom line is that faster metabolism is the key to weight loss, and in turn, this is why people gain weight in the first place!


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