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Public Speaking - Example of a Persuasive Speech Outline to Prove That Something is True

One form of persuasive talk is when you want to prove something is - or is not - TRUE. There are also times when you want your audience to do something and when you want to darken it to your VIEW point. Therefore, DO, TRUE and VIEW forms of persuasion.

Being persuasive requires thinking differently than talking informally, and one of them is how you organize your ideas. Your specific objective is to determine the best organization. You still have three parts of speech - intro, body, and conclusion. But in the TRUE way, the Key Points in Your body of speech will consist of a combination of some or all of the following: (1) personal observation or experience, (2) description, (3) expert description.

To see how this organization works when you want to prove to your audience that something is (or isn't) TRUE, let's create a hypothesis objective. Let's say you talk to a group of people who want to go on a diet. You have recommended the "Skinny Minny" system. But some members of the group have questioned whether certain foods actually work. You want to prove to them that it's TRUE that they can lose weight on this diet. Here's how you can outline the presentation:


A. HOOK: Start with attention. It could be a shocking statistic or a revelation: "Eighty percent of all people who lose weight on a diet gain it within a year."

B. RELATED TRUST: "To lose weight effectively and stay away, you need to follow a program that allows you to control your cravings and make healthy eating choices regardless of calories. a way to make you hungry or lose a pound back a year later? "


A. ROAD MAP: The Skinny Minny System is an effective diet program that lets you lose weight slowly but permanently and maintain weight just by changing some of your dietary choices. Let me show you proof that it works.



Results of studies, studies or other data that support your claim. In proving the integrity of this diet, you may present a health and nutrition study documenting the success of this plan with weight loss. You can cite a survey of people who care and keep it for a few years.


Something you see or experience in person can be very interesting. You can tell your own story of how, in this program, you shed pounds, dropped some clothing sizes, and lost weight.


Verification of your claim by someone who is recognized as a specialist can build your case. You can quote testimonials from doctors and nutritionists praising the results of this plan and its health benefits. You may also cite, complete with before and after pictures, descriptions of others who have lost and endured weight.


A. SUMMARY: Package by researching evidence, personal success stories, expert endorsements — that support your claim to Skinny Minny's success in weight loss.

B. CLOSE / DO FOR ACTION: "I hope you can see evidence of Skinny Minny's results. If you change the way you eat, you change the way you look and feel. Just sign up for a month and see if you don't look and feel different after 30 day. "


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