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Management of Arthritis and Treatment Without Medication

Arthritis pain is paralyzed when not managed properly. The disease is caused by joints filling with synovial fluid that erupts from the back of the membrane as a result of injury. This is a straw-colored fluid that reduces friction between the articular cartilage of the synovial joint during movement. It is usually contained in the joints of the joints but the crystallization of viscous fluid can usually inhibit joint movement and cause inflammation through inflammation.

This is a very simple and basic explanation without much medical jargon that is impossible to understand. All we have to do here is explain the arthritis. The joint usually takes on a yellowish color while the pain is caused by the fluid itself. Inflammation in the area increases the pain significantly.

Patients are usually prescribed anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce stress but diet should be a major concern as it has a lot to do with it. Foods that cause inflammation include things like milk, fine flour (used in cakes, batches, scones, pancakes, breads, etc.), starch, such as custard and cornflour, and other powders. Avoiding anything containing flour or any substance should be avoided.

Exercise is also important to keep joints moving. Walking and running are the most popular form of exercise but gardening and anything that gets the body moving is good. For older people, they can exert themselves on the chair and extend their arms backwards while holding the back of the chair or leaning against the wall.

The old saying 'use it or lose it' it's good to remember that a single joint from closed is difficult to make it mobile.


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