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Lose Weight by Cutting Carbs - Is This a Good Advice?

Many people think that taking a carbohydrate cut will help them lose weight. While this is partly true, the effect is not good in the long run.

Carbohydrates can be divided into many types, namely monosaccharides, dissacharides and polysaccharides. Our brain needs glucose to function optimally, so carbohydrate intake must be optimal for our mental activity. Our bodies also use glucose as a source of energy for work.

The concept of cutting carbohydrates to lose weight is easy. By reducing carbohydrate intake, we reduce the amount of unused calories that may be converted into fat. But does this method work? Personally, I don't think so. Based on conflicting statements outside by fitness experts, nutritionists and physicians, it is advisable to hold on to weight loss methods that are tested and tested through proper dietary management.

While limiting carbohydrate intake can reduce some people's weight, it can be dangerous. Tiredness, fatigue, mood swings and misery can be unwanted results if our bodies do not have enough carbohydrates. Instead, if you want to lose weight, do so by choosing the type of carbohydrate you eat and not cutting your carbohydrate intake.

There are two major types of carbohydrates on the market today. Most of us choose fine foods that include white bread and fine pasta. Added in this sense, it contains less fiber, higher calories, higher sugar content and higher salt content. Therefore, choose good carbs such as wheat bread. The key is to let your body digest food and release glucose slowly into your bloodstream.

High quality wheat bread and wheat pasta is a better alternative as it contains a lot of fiber and reduced water content of preservatives present in refined and processed foods. As a result, they release energy slowly rather than bursting fast, unusable and possibly wasted from processed foods. Fine carbohydrates are digested quickly, causing a large peak of glucose and a dramatic drop in appetite and hunger. This is not the case with high fiber carbohydrates.


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