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Living With Gout - Foods to Eat That Will Knock Out Gout Pain Fast

There is a new hope for you if you live with gout. Eating foods that help reduce gout pain by fighting it at its source can be easily found at your local grocery store and can mean the difference between regular gout attacks or other trips to the doctor's office.


Gout due to the excess of uric acid crystals that make up joints and certain fruits can be a great help. Cherry is probably the best food to eat for gout and is a natural anti-inflammatory and a great way to reduce uric acid in your system. Great fruits to eat include strawberries, celery, blueberries and more. Be sure to avoid citrus fruits though as it can increase your body's acid level.

Dairy product

Dairy products should also be an important part of your diet. Try eating more cheese and milk products as well as others like low-fat yogurt to help ease the pain of gout attacks. Done correctly, you can also avoid the gout flare up in the first place.


There are some good herbs during gout attacks. Alfalfa can reduce uric acid which is a major cause of gout while Bilberry is excellent for reducing inflammation. This combined with other herbs such as buchu and black cohash can be great in preventing gout too if taken regularly.


It is a known fact that gout has a harder time forming a well-hydrated body. Try to drink 1/2 of your weight in an ounce of water a day during an attack to get maximum results.


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