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Learn Do Deal With A Little Hunger

We live in an abundance of food. No matter where you look, wherever you turn, there's something to eat. We have designed our environment that despite a bit of hunger sends us to the pantry.

There has never been a time in human history. Being hungry never means that you need to eat right away. One of the main reasons is that food is not available immediately. But that's the way we act. If we don't get food right now, we feel as though we're going to "starve to death".

We've trained ourselves so we can't tolerate hunger. Although hunger is a natural process, we have turned it into a paralyzing one. Hunger is not meant to make us stop everything immediately and eat food. But for most of us, that's how we do it.

Hunger is a healthy reminder that you may need to eat something sooner or later that day. If you're not hungry, you won't eat much. But you don't have to eat every time you feel hungry.

If you eat every time you feel hungry then you give your brain the perfect strategy to make you eat whatever you want. Remember your brain likes sugar, fat, and calories, and it doesn't care what it looks like.

If it works, our brains will eat us daily. Our brain thinks that eating everything is a good idea. That's why you'll give you a hungry signal, even if you're not hungry.

Think about it. Have you ever felt the urge to eat, but then you forgot about it and 10 minutes later you realized you weren't hungry anymore? It happens to all of us. Just because you're hungry doesn't mean you have to eat.

To stop the hunger pangs from gaining control, you need to re-learn to be comfortable with just a little bit of hunger. At first it may be a bit uncomfortable, but that's just because you've trained yourself to be that way. You train yourself to always eat when you feel certain signals from your stomach and brain. When you practice a little bit of hunger tolerance, you will quickly learn that you do not always have to eat when you are hungry, and sensations will often disappear.

Think of it this way. Hunger is like a conversation where your stomach has a brain. Your stomach may be temporarily empty but that does not mean that you are starving or that your body needs fuel at this time.

Your stomach is like a kid who can't understand the meaning of patience or patience. But your stomach can be trained to wait just a little while and food will be provided. You can learn to see the signs of starvation and delay your desire to eat right away. The critical point to understand is that it takes PRACTICE not just understanding.

So don't let your stomach throw a bomb! Your good brain is smarter and able to handle executive control. Before too long a little hunger will be a signal from your body rather than a command. After all, we don't wear pajamas and sleep every time we feel sleepy!

Your patience and hunger habits can be handled accordingly. Over time, screaming and crying will be a polite request and will save you from diving head first into a nearby cookie jar.


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