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Is Medication Needed To Prevent Serious Heart Diseases In Older Women?

Heart disease is still being diagnosed, especially for older women. In addition, there is a lack of potential and reliable treatments for these diseases. Existing medicines are made specifically for men and therefore, may prove harmful in the case of older women. Drugs such as pravachol, Lipitor and Zocor can reduce the risk of heart attack but also have serious side effects.

In addition, these medications do not succeed in overcoming older women's heart attacks with high cholesterol but lack of previous cardiac problems. Therefore, older women who fall into this category cannot take statins at any cost.

But the fundamental mistake lies in the fact that the risk of heart attack can be increased due to high cholesterol levels and statins in one of the most reliable medications for increasing cholesterol.

However, the role of statins in reducing the risk of a heart attack has not been found yet.

In fact, it also does not prove that statins can serve as saviors for older women with a history of previous, mild and major heart attacks. In one of the surveys conducted by a heart protection study, it was clear that PROSPER, LIPID and ASCOT did not play a major role in reducing the number of heart attacks. In addition, the increase in breast cancer cases in older women has also increased the mortality rate. Although death rates from heart attacks may be reduced, recent cases have lost their essence.

Medications are not completely trusted in cases of women suffering from a mild heart attack or having symptoms that may indicate future events. In addition, there is no significant role played by herbal treatments for reducing heart attacks. Many of the drugs used have serious side effects. Together, they weaken the immune system and function properly. In addition, other over-the-counter medications also have adverse effects on the baby. Therefore, they cannot be taken by nurses and pregnant women.

In short, the medical sector is still failing to provide women with reliable medications to cure heart attacks, or even for that matter, to reduce their incidence.


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