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Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Surviving IBS

Every day, more and more people develop a condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. These are people who are having difficulty releasing their stomach (constipation) or having loose bowel movements (LBM). Regardless of their condition, irregular bowel movements are very disturbing.

What is IBS? It is defined as any condition that interferes with a person's proper bowel movement. When the intestinal nerves become too active, it can cause someone to have constipation or diarrhea.

No need to panic or worry as there are many treatments or remedies available to cure IBS. Unfortunately, there are no "specific" drugs available that can treat this condition in the long run as immediate medications are only available.

For example, most doctors would recommend people with constipation to eat a diet rich in fiber such as green leafy vegetables (that is, cabbages and salads) and wheat products. On the other hand, those suffering from diarrhea are advised to consume low-fiber foods such as bananas. In addition to the diet, people with IBS also need to take the medication their doctor needs if they want to experience faster relief.

Another treatment that can be used is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This method is said to be the best way to get help from IBS as it involves a variety of methods combined.

Hypnotherapy is another option to consider. There are some who claim that complete healing from IBS can only be achieved using this treatment.

Another remedy that can help in solving IBS problems is found in plants such as thistles. Artichoke, which is used in most cuisines around the world, can also be used to treat IBS. These plants are said to have natural ingredients that can counteract the symptoms of this disorder.

But the best option for combating IBS is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, proper stress management and taking the right medications and prescribed by your doctor can do the trick and help cure IBS.

Making changes in one's diet can help someone with IBS. Foods containing caffeine, fructose, wheat, spices, nuts and alcohol should be avoided as these foods can cause IBS symptoms. However, the items mentioned are not the official list of foods that can actually cause IBS as there are other foods not mentioned above that can also cause IBS symptoms. So the best way to avoid foods that cause IBS is to eat vegetables and fruits. But remember to ask your dietitian first before you decide to change your diet.

Many medicines that can cure IBS are available in the market. These medications are an effective way to quickly treat IBS. However, before buying any over-the-counter medications, it is best to consult your doctor for proper advice and prescriptions.


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