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Intuitive Eating - The No Plan, No Diet, Natural Way to Eating and Dieting

Intuitive eating is one of the easiest ways to eat - it's basic, simple and requires no plan. It is easy to maintain healthy eating habits and is very natural. What's the best way to eat it? There are 29,262 books on Amazon for diet and weight loss. It's over there truly that many ways to eat?

Some tell you to count calories, use portion control, or use point systems. Some use certain methods to "trick" your body into losing weight. So how do you follow? How do you control what you eat - naturally, easily, and all the time, no matter where you are? Well, the basics aren't complicated: eating nutritious food, in the right amount, at the right time, and control your desires. If you do this, you will will be healthy and be healthy.

But most people already know this. So, it's less important than the plan you're following, but you're actually following one. This leads us to decide two things: knowing what to eat and sticking to it. So how do you know what to eat and how do you control yourself so that you don't chase your passions? These two things can be easily achieved by following your body's wisdom. Carl Jung says, "Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, wake up." Similarly to Einstein, "The only thing that matters is intuition." The intelligence inside is incredible, if you only learn to pay attention to it.

You have all the intelligence you need to eat healthy and stick to it if you can learn it. Most people don't realize it; they saw somewhere "out there". See the solution! Your inner wisdom tells you more of what is good and bad than calculating textbooks that say eat X calories, avoid X foods, don't eat X, eat X alone, and X amount. Your body's intelligence does a much better job than an artificial plan built for weight loss. Learn with her, learn how she reacts, and follow through. I learned from a famous doctor who told me that the body's wisdom was amazing. When he treats people, he simply helps the body to make a recovery. It wasn't him or the medicine that healed the person but helped him. What he does to treat people is to know what is missing from the body (nutrients) and what is not in it (toxins), he then adds or subtracts, and the body naturally balances and cures. Natural bodies want balance and health. It will fight whatever is affecting it.

When you eat food, your body reacts in several ways, it creates feelings. Feelings are created in the second level of 3 Stages to Fitness. The body first responds to the physical process of how it processes food - nutrients, toxins - which then triggers a second-stage emotional effect. The feeling or feeling that gives you will also influence your thinking. This is what you notice. Be aware of this feeling when you eat food. It's different from the endorphin rush you get from shoveling a soft cake in your mouth.

There is also a 15-30 minute delay response from when you eat to your body's response. When you eat unhealthy foods, your body needs to deal with the increasing burden of toxins. Toxin can have an effect that makes you tired, sleepy, irritable, and even depressed. When you have these feelings or feelings, your mind will then be colored to make you think differently than you do. You might get a little skill and tell people what you think.

Find these feelings that don't make you feel good. Does it make you feel sleepy, irritable, heavy, or "fighting"? Or does it trigger more appetite and can't stop eating even when your stomach is full? Or does it sit in your stomach like a stone. MSG will create a clear reaction; you'll feel like "jumping out of your skin". This is your body's response to food. Start coming to realize how your body reacts to food and after what you eat. The more adapted to the feeling you get, the better you are looking for what is healthy and what is not. When you combine this with what is known about food, the science behind it, and how it makes you feel, you naturally begin to pull yourself in a healthy direction. You will want to to take this healthy action, it makes you feel good.

By guiding yourself, you can truly adapt to any lifestyle. You can travel all over the world and live in any country and still be healthy and fit, as you will always know. When you start eating like this, you don't have to worry about dieting anymore. The thing I love most is knowing how food makes you feel. Most people never connect the two together because of time delays, or they are too focused on their diet plan, or some other disorder. When you start listening from the inside, you will really start to fit in.

From here, you can naturally move into the time you need to eat at (general guidelines every 3-4 hours and / or your hunger response) and how much to eat (full 4/5 guidelines).

It's really easy when you learn how to use your inner wisdom.


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