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Ideal Food Pyramid

I want you to join me in challenging the false belief that I'm sure like me, you've all heard the truth is true. The information displayed in the traditional USDA food pyramid - a model widely circulated over the past few decades - is outdated and unwise. Bound by carbohydrates (with 6-11 servings recommended), the pyramid also advises two to three servings of meat and dairy - basically, it's a diagram of how to block your system. Even the latest version of the revision, with some improvements, cannot address animal-based dietary errors.

The ideal food pyramid I want to highlight emphasizes on plant-based diets, especially water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables. These foods should be a major part of your diet. Here's what is ideal for a food pyramid:

70% Live Foods - Make a mix of 80% vegetables (Asparagus, broccoli, carrot, spinach, green pepper, celery, cucumber, salad, sprouts, wheatgrass, and fresh herbs) and 20% fruit as avocado, lime, lime, tomato, & grapefruit) . Vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber. If the body is in balance, the fruit is a great food - in moderation that can only be eaten on an empty stomach.

10% Vegetable and Fish Protein - Make a combination of nuts, grains and legumes (almonds, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, red beans, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, & sunflower seeds) and deep-sea fish such as salmon, tuna, halibut, snapper. Proteins support tissue building.

10% Complex Carbohydrates - Make a combination of whole grains that are not completely preserved such as basmati and jasmine rice, buckwheat, quinoa, millet, spelled, kamut, non-yeast bread & needles. Grain provides fiber, which reduces toxicity.

10% Oil - Olive, sesame seeds, Omega 3 & 6, Udo oil, avocado (don't heat cold oil). Good fats neutralize acids that damage the cell membranes, and reduce saturated fat in the blood. Proteins support tissue building.

The ideal food pyramid is a tool to help create the foundation for a healthier life, however, if you want to lose weight in both a sustainable and long-term lifestyle, please visit Strip That Fat.


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