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I Hate to Exercise - Ok, Do This Instead If You're Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly

You want to lose weight quickly, but you say "I don't like exercising". So what to do? I'll let you in on some "SHORTCUTS" secrets so you can CHEAT your way to lose weight.

I Hate Training too, So Join the Club

Secret # 1: Rinse yourself with cold water daily

Listen, I'll tell you to take a cold shower but I know you can't handle it. So take your usual bath. But then turn off the cold water and rinse for 15-20 seconds. That all.

What it does is cause the body to go into thermogenesis (burning fat for energy and heat). No, lose fat right away. The results are fast and furious if you do this every day. I don't like to train like you ... so I can find a way around it.

Secret # 2: Never, ever drink liquid by eating

See, you have natural enzymes that break down food as you eat. But if you drink something while you eat, you dilute the enzyme and make it useless.

The food then is not digested properly. You have constipation, digestive problems, and many other things ... besides hurting your weight loss efforts.

You need your digestive system running at peak efficiency to get the most weight loss possible. Therefore, drink your liquid 5-10 minutes before and after meals.

Secret # 3: Take Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

It's "good" fat. In fact, the body almost takes this fat and transforms it into energy almost instantly. As this is a short article, I can't go too much into the reasons why extra virgin coconut oil works for fat loss.

But here's the thing ... my customers who took it lost 5-6 pounds in 11-13 days. In this way, 1 bottle of goodies costs about $ 13 and lasts for 13 days.

Only take extra virgin coconut oil twice daily on an empty stomach between meals. Morning and evening are best.

So you go. I don't like exercising like you. I did my homework and tested all of this for you. Everything works. If you are desperate to lose weight quickly, then I highly recommend you start these 3 things.


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