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I Hate Love Handles And This Is How I Got Rid Of Mine

I personally hate controlling love, I don't know who gave them their names, but who ever was or was she crazy. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fat people, I actually like thick women, but I hate it when they start jumping out of their pants. This happens to men too; I just thought that when the meat started to hang from our clothes, the sexy really didn't represent us at that moment, did I? If you think I was wrong to stop wasting time and reading something else. For those of you who share my opinion, I invite you to find out how I got rid of most of my "love holders".

My incredible pain with my body hanging from my pants led me to research on how to target certain areas of my body. I read from some very good and trusted members that reductions in space are impossible; fat is lost at the same time and not just in one region. This has been true until recently, but recent studies have shown that certain hormones help to utilize store fat in certain places. In our case, insulin is the bad guy responsible for the appearance of melting (some people look like Frosty The Snowman on the fourth of July). Insulin is a very important hormone that is essential to our survival, the problem is that our modern lifestyle has declined. All of the sugars and carbohydrates processed in our diet cause our insulin levels to go crazy and disrupt our fat reduction mechanism.

How To Fight Insulin?

Insulin can be disputed with what is known as IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor). IGF-1 can be easily produced by exercise, but not just by training. As you know, different types of exercise produce different types of adaptations in our body, thanks to the different physiological responses it produces. To lose our "love of love," we had to use what my friend John Romaniello called Dynamic Exercises. This type of training is based on compound training, which is two or more exercises combined into one. Let me give you an example: Jongkong and press. In this exercise you hold some dumbbells on your shoulders with your elbows bent; you squat, and when you refuse, you lift dumbbells like in a military newspaper.

This type of exercise involves more muscle and helps you burn more calories while helping you produce IGF-1.

Use your imagination to generate more training. Here are some more:

1. Burpees.

2. Turkey wakes up.

3. Lunge and Curl.

Incorporate it into your workouts and you will see results.


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