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How To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way - Four Tips To Healthy Weight Loss And Avoiding Bogus Programs

My mom used to say she used it all the time. She'll say "Don't dump the baby in the shower". I will admit that for a long time my reaction was "Huh?" But, to my credit, I finally managed to get it.

He told me to be careful that I didn't choose a solution that was worse than the problem.

How to lose weight in a healthy way is a perfect example of what mom is talking about. The weight loss industry is huge, billions of dollars every year in the country alone, and most programs and products out there are pure baloney or sold regardless of the needs of people in need.

I don't make it a secret that I struggle with my weight for the rest of my life. I was a fat kid and whenever I was inactive, I was a fat young adult and kept fighting until I was in my 40s. I'm not going to make a cliche statement that I'm trying everything, but I will say I tried almost everything, including expensive items that make big promises and don't deliver. I also saw some of these products at the wrong end of the news on occasion.

There is no one size fits all way to lose weight and 'fast' is not a healthy way to lose weight. So here are my tips for choosing healthy ways to lose weight and avoid being deceived by fake products and programs:

Tip # 1: Think Dos

We're not all the same. If you've ever been to a hospital and put it under anesthesia you know they are weighing you to find out how much juice they need to knock you out. That's because each body is different and how much it takes to keep you sleepy will depend on how many of you are there. Losing a healthy weight like that. Whichever method you choose should include some of your weight and activity levels.

One of the products I tried last year gave me a leaflet to limit my calories to 1200 a day. It doesn't matter if I'm a 150-pound housewife trying to lose 10 pounds or a retired linebacker trying to lose 100 pounds. Flash News: Just about anyone who will lose weight at 1200 calories daily!

In my case, I'm a very active 250 pound man and 1200 calories is a hunger strike and less than half what I need daily. Eating a bit that every day is almost a guarantee that I will fail because I will be hungry all the time and there is no way I can get all the nutrition I need which will cause another set of problems.

One of the biggest obstacles to weight loss is not getting enough to eat. Strange but true statement.

That's the first indication that the method is flawed and if the program or product you're considering doesn't care how big or active you are, then choose another program.

Tip # 2: Don't Get Suckered by "Quickly"

We all like 'quick'. We are in a hurry and we want an immediate decision on what to do. Quick, however, is not how you lose weight in a healthy way. You may see immediate results if you make healthy changes in your habits but keep in mind that you are not losing weight in a few weeks and you will not lose them quickly either.

Therefore, the claim of a fast weight loss, or a lot of weight, should be aware that there is more to marketing than healthy nutrition and advice.

Tip # 3: Get a Baseline Rating

Most weight loss products and programs are sold without regard to who will use them. Before you begin, you need to get an assessment and know your BMI or Body Mass Index, and keep an eye on your daily calorie requirements. You should also consider factors in any medical condition or other health risk. There's no information like trying to plan a trip without a starting point: There is no way to figure out how much gas you need, how many hours a day you need to drive, or if you need to plan to book a hotel room.

Select a product or program that comes with the help of figuring out how much weight you really need to lose. Getting a sale on a product that promises to lose 10, 20 or 30 pounds is a bad idea unless you really have a lot of weight to lose. The help can come in the form of a written instruction, online training or personal trainer to help you plan the plan.

A healthy program will take into account who you are, where you start and helps you map out plans that make sense for you. Avoid those who propose the same plan will work for everyone.

Tip # 4: After the Party

Mark Twain once said it's easy to quit smoking ... he has done it a thousand times. Ironically, it turns out (speaking from my experience as a renewed person and as a weight loss coach) that losing weight is actually the easy part. Deleting it is the hard part! Any program that you consider needs guidance and support over the long term.

Depending on your personal goals, your weight journey may take several weeks or months. If you do not have a maintenance plan in place you are almost guaranteed to regain that weight quickly.

Avoid any programs that do not have a maintenance plan after you reach your goals.

End it

Keep these four things in mind as you make a decision on how to lose weight in a healthy way:

  1. Get enough calories and nutrition for your size and activity

  2. Don't fall for the promise of 'fast' or a huge weight loss

  3. Get an accurate assessment before you start

  4. Have a maintenance plan to maintain weight

These four steps will promote healthy weight loss and prevent you from being scammed by fake weight loss products or programs.


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