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How to Lose 20 Pounds - 4 Tips on Burning Fat Without Exercising

Learning how to lose 20 pounds without exercising is really easy when you know what to do. Many people do not know this secret, which is why it's so interesting to share with you today. By following this consistently, you can learn how to lose 20 pounds quickly.

Looking fit and slim is something that everyone dreams about, but only a few go there. Why not? Because it takes effort, if losing weight is easy, then everyone will look amazing. If you want to apply these principles consistently, you can also look great.

With all that said, let's look at four easy tips that will help you lose £ 20 in no time. Don't rush though, let it come naturally!

1. Avoid Bad Carbs. By this I mean processed carbohydrates. For example: bread, pasta, cereals, anything white. I recommend that you eat fruits and vegetables though, they are excellent before and after exercise to increase energy.

2. Design Your Food. By knowing what you are going to eat, you can have more power over your body response. There are certain foods that are very good for this. Some examples are egg white, chicken breast, legumes and vegetables. Keep it simple!

3. Water. Take lots of pure water and avoid other beverages, as most contain sugar and therefore many unnecessary calories. So keep drinking plenty of water to keep your hunger in check!

4. Deceive Your Body once a week by including a day of deception is effective in keeping your body on the toes. For example, you can eat whatever you eat one day a week. This prevents your body from adjusting to your new diet.


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