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How to Get Flat Abs in a Month

Before I present my tips, I just want to say that no one can guarantee that you will get flat abs in a month. It depends on your starting point. If you have 30 pounds to lose, you won't be able to level your stomach in just a month. However, these tips will still work for you no matter what you look like now. And, if you haven't lost much, you might have a flat stomach in 30 days by following these tips:

1. Get rid of all the sugar soda in your home. I won't name the brand but you probably know which brand I'm referring to. There are too many empty calories you can definitely do without. Even a soda diet is not the best juice drink for you. I'll go with fresh juice, water, and green tea for now.

2. Start doing intensive training intensive training. You can do weight training if you don't have access to the gym, but some equipment like dumbbells and stability balls are recommended. To get an average abs in a month, you need to train your entire body to burn as much fat as possible. As you burn fat all over your body no matter what part of your body you train, you need to be fit.

3. Intensive cardio training 3 times a week at least. Try doing cardio after you're done with your strength training. Make sure you really push yourself through each exercise to achieve the best results. Do not measure the effectiveness of your training over time but how you feel.

4. Eliminate all white flour products from your diet. This includes bread, cereals, and pasta. Just do without them and switch to the whole food option.

5. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Not only is it a calorie-rich alcohol, it also slows down the fat burning process your body makes it more difficult for you to dilute the fat you save.

6. Stop eating every meal while you are hungry. You may find that the starvation naturally disappears within 15 - 20 minutes. Our bodies take some time to register what we eat so this is a good tip to avoid over-eating without wasting.

7. Be as active as you can throughout your day to make sure you burn more calories. Remember, what you can do to reduce belly fat is to help you get flat abs.


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