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How to Cure Gout - Top 3 Ways to Treat Gout in 2012

Gout can be very painful and about 5% of people with one form of arthritis variant or another will have joint pain related to this crystal - or as usual.

When uric acid crystals form in the joints due to prolonged eating of high uric acid, this condition can be weakened, starting with some swelling around the joints, where it will appear red blood, warm touch and stiffness to move.

Sometimes like joints when arthritis is present - a flare, needle-like structure formed in joints created from uric acid deposits will trigger more joints.

Can Gout recover?

Well, while arthritis can be treated but cannot be cured, gout can be treated and removed practically from the joints, but there is always a chance it will return, depending on your diet.

Also known as "Kings Disease" as it often arises from a diet high in high fat and alcoholic foods, initially treating this condition, you need to bring your uric acid level back.

Once it has been determined that monosodium gland crystals are present in the joints and in advanced cases under the skin, gout can be treated in several ways:

Cure Gout Coupled

Medical treatment

After an early flare and gout were identified as the cause, Colchicine was administered to help lower uric acid levels.

Colchicine side effects include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting so don't expect this to be a pain-free trip.

After Colchicine or alternative medicines used to reduce uric acid levels have been kicked off, it has since come down to individuals to take care of themselves and choose the right supplements and diets to eliminate gout.


Do not confuse us here, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs - NSAIDs, do not treat gout, they only help relieve swelling in the joints.

Do not become dependent on this as they can also cause stomach or ulcer irritation, kidney or liver problems or even heart palpitations.

Celebrex and VIOXX were removed from prescription shelves in the United States in 2011 precisely because of these side effects.


Getting the right diet is important. High diets in purines can result in high levels of uric acid.

Food and Drink to Avoid:

  • All alcohol - period.

  • Gluten.

  • Organic flesh. meat extracts, liver, bacon, beef.

  • Sheep.

  • Yeast.

  • Sardines in oil, anchovies, fish roe, clams, clams, salmon, trout.

  • Some chickens, chickens, geese, partridge, turkeys.

  • Carbohydrates and fats produced: Bad carbohydrates and fast-food fats.

  • Nightshade plants: Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peppers, cayenne, okra, and blueberries - they call for inflammation.

Supplements to avoid: Although not a food, cigarettes must be eliminated from artificial sweeteners and general artificial foods.

Your food If Eat:

  • Vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

  • Non-seafood: Must be 15% of your daily calorie intake.

  • Celery: Healing old age for gout and inflammation.

  • Tofu: A good alternative to meat.

  • Dark cherry and pineapple: These lower levels of uric acid, and reduce and relieve inflammation.

Additional foods you should eat: In general, high complex carbohydrates are healthy and safe to eat and will not cause any harmful inflammation, including vegetables and fresh fruits except for so-called nightshade plants.


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