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Hoodia vs Akavar 20/50

No doubt there is a lot of hype that goes into weight loss supplements. These concerns can often confuse or bury actual results under anecdotal mountains or disseminated information and stories. To top it off, each product has its own story, whether it's science, culture, or religion that helps bring it to the table. Separating facts from this fiction can be a huge challenge with so much information available on the internet.

Hoodia. Go ahead-Google. You'll be happy to know that there are over 9 million related results. And that's just the result of an indexed webpage! While Hoodia has been unfamiliar with African bushmen for hundreds of years, her recent appearance on the global market has been impressive to say the least.

The "Hoodia" type of miracle that we often hear is Hoodia gordonii scientifically. There are some great wikipedia articles that can be further detailed. For those readers who prefer the concentrated version here ...

Use of Hoodia medicines

Hoodia has long been used by native Africans for the treatment of digestive diseases and basic infections. The main element of Hoodia responsible for suppressing appetite was identified in 1977 and is now known as P57. Pharmaceutical company Pfiser tried to emulate P57 but stopped development due to difficulties in synthesizing the product and allegedly had a negative side effect on the liver.

Hoodia Scientific Studies

The claim that Hoodia is an effective oppressor cannot be proven. No valid or reputable scientific study of magic medicine and its effects on humans has been performed. Studies on mice show the exact amount of Hoodia needed to be effective is well above the level of popular Hoodia supplements. The only documented human study was a very small population, (7 participants), funded by a private marketing company, and unpublished for peer review.

To obtain imported Hoodia requires special endangered species certification. The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) recognizes the rights of the San people to benefit from Hoodia or any Hoodia species. Just what that percentage is is unknown, but the number of wholesalers and licensing and import costs are guaranteed to reduce the percentage of San people to a very small portion of the profits.

Millions of people have tried Hoodia and now millions are looking for something more effective.

Akavar 20/50

When you go head to head with Akavar 20/50, you will be lucky enough to find any Hoodia product with guaranteed results. Akavar, however, has a high success rate for weight loss, guaranteed results, or your money back. In addition, in controlled clinical trials, controlled placebo, doctors tested a group of overweight individuals. And among those taking the active, patented Akavar-20/50 compound, each participant lost a significant amount of weight except one.

Dr. Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D., reviews recent research and states:

"Obviously I don't like the way ads look (talk about marketing programs), either, and I certainly wouldn't be as sharp as the headline," Dr Mowrey said. "But forget about how ads look, the real question is whether diet pills can really let you eat whatever you want and still lose weight? Regarding Akavar-20/50, these facts are factual and scientific documentation has confirmed that almost everyone in the study who used Akavar's active compound - 23 out of 24 participants, lost weight - lost.

The proprietary components of Akavar ingredients are guaranteed to produce weight loss results by manufacturers and tests indicate that Akavar is far more powerful and effective than Hoodia products.


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