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Get Ripped Abs - Take This Quiz To Find Out If You Know What It Takes To Get Ripped!

If you think you know what it takes get abs then take this quiz and find out! And hey, even if you don't know what to do and want to learn this quiz is for you too because you'll learn a lot when you read the answer. By the time you finish this quiz, you'll know three things you need to do today to get the body you deserve.

This quiz is made up of three questions:

1) When Trying to Get Six Packs, you need to:

A) Focus Only On Your Abs

B) Train Your Full Body

C) Just Do Cardio

D) Sit In Your Couch All Day And Eat Chips

Ok, obviously the answer is not D. The correct answer is B. If you want to get six packs fast you need to train your body.

Most people think you just have to focus on abs or you just need to do cardio. And while exercising and doing cardio are the things to do, you should also focus on training your whole body as this will burn the most fat in the long run.

2) What Kind Of Cardio Should You Focus?

A) Cardio Standard Running Jogging Around 40-60 Minutes Daily

B) Walk fast on a Treadmill that tends to be 60 minutes

C) HIIT Cardio (High Intensity Training)

D) All Above

The answer to this question is D. All these types of cardio are good and should be done at one point or another.

If you have to focus on just one type then I would say do HIIT, but the problem is that you can't do it daily because it will be too much on the body. Instead, you should try walking fast or jogging on the treadmill on the days you recover from HIIT.

3) How Many Days Do I Need to Recover?

A) One Day of Holidays Between Each Training

B) Two Day Holidays Between Each Training

C) No rest, daily exercise

D) Both A and B

The answer to this one is actually D. Some exercises will be quite easy for you, if that happens then just take a day off between exercises. If exercise is really hard and you're still sick, then take another day.


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