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Foods Not To Eat With Gout - High Purine Foods

Meat is one of the top foods you can't eat with gout. This is because the type of protein they contain actually produces uric acid in the body. Organ food is one of the worst. These include the heart, heart, brain, and kidneys. Red meat and game are a bit worse than what white meat is. This includes every kind of meat game from chicken to bigger game.

It is considered as a result of the game animal diet because chickens will actually be considered a healthier choice, but not game birds. Because of both white meat, diet is one of the bigger differences between them. However, bacon and ham should also be avoided.

Foods Don't Eat With Gout - Seafood

Fish is another food that cannot be eaten with gout. Snake fish, and sardines will be at the top of the list, but they will include most types of fish. Halibut, trout, cod, salmon, and even tuna should not be eaten if you have gout. Again, it is considered to be the type of protein found in fish. Even smoked fish cannot be eaten.

Peanuts are one of the more common foods to avoid eating with gout. All types of nuts should be avoided including; navy beans, kidney beans, chili beans, five peas, fried peas, and green beans. This is probably the one that will cause you problems. You don't really think about how much the beans actually are so you have to avoid them. Many Mexican dishes have nuts in it whether they are refried or not. You'll find them in many types of casserole dishes as well.

Meat extracts are also on the list of foods that are not edible with gout that people do not think. This includes gravies, soups, and bullions. Anything with beef soup (one of the most common) should be avoided. This will add new levels of risk that you may not have thought about. If you need gravy or gravy in the dish, go with chicken instead of beef. Turkey will also be a better choice than beef. This means that you really can't eat beef stew even if you don't eat beef in it. This may make it less difficult for those who really need this diet, but it can make a big difference.


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