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Food For Gout Patients - Combating Gout by Eating the Right Foods

What kind of food for gout patients would be considered good? Fruits, such as red and citrus fruits will be good. Berries (especially black cherries) are excellent for their antioxidant properties and have been shown to lower the level of acid in your body that actually causes gout. Citrus fruits are good for the vitamin C you get from them. High levels of this vitamin have also been shown to lower uric acid levels which are the main cause of gout and kidney stones. Uric acid builds up and crystallizes in the form of kidney stones or joints that cause gout-related pain.

Pasta will also be a great meal for gout patients. Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates and protein that our body needs. You should consider replacing one serving of meat with pasta when you can. Meat proteins can be broken down into our body and actually become uric acid. Because of this you must avoid them; especially organ meat and seafood.

Instead, use pasta, eggs, peanut butter, tofu, and beans as your protein source. You may not notice the difference right away, but if you make this lifetime change, you need to keep in mind that flares often occur. Remember that I say kidney and gout don't happen overnight, changing your diet won't help overnight, but it should help in the long run.

Another food for gout patients to avoid is a lot of vegetables. Green vegetables, vegetables, nuts and legumes may not be part of the diet you need to eat. Red peppers, yellow peppers, peas, onions, carrots, and corn are all safe for you to include whenever you want.

This is not necessarily a complete list of foods to avoid or include for gout patients. Diet for gout patients can really make a big difference because uric acid levels are a contributing factor. Therefore, it is the reason that if you avoid foods that increase their level and include foods that lower them, you should have fewer attacks. Please note that this will not help much when you actually have an attack; it's more of a precautionary measure. This cannot be said to cure gout either, although it has been shown to help dramatically.


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