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Food and Food Health

We've all been through a phase, or there's still a mind wandering the streets with the dilemma of whether a salad in the evening could make for a double cheese hamburger last night. Whether the calories obtained through chocolate pudding can be offset by oatmeal at breakfast.

A few years ago, there was a stigma about having a perfect (or better) thinner, muscular body. There is a misunderstanding that thinning and trim is the way to look beautiful. But fortunately, this stigma and misunderstanding is slowly being eradicated from society. Today, every kind of body is beautiful, whether it is flat stomach or fat belly. But that does not give us the right to ignore the facts of healthy eating.

Eating healthy does not mean cutting only vegetables and salads. Eating healthy does not mean being on a "diet". Eating in a healthy way provides the body with all kinds of nutrients. And it includes a disappointing Broccoli Soup as well as a pepperoni pizza filled with delicious classic crust cheese, everyone wants.


We all like to eat, especially the garbage, but sometimes our consciousness overcomes us and we tend to understand that salads and vegetables and fruits are an important part of our diet. Every type of nutrient is needed to keep the body functioning in the right place. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, grains and water, these are the nutrients we need almost daily. I'm not going to waste my time telling you what these are and how each of them is important because this is something we have all learned in the six-grade science subject. But I would like to mention a few delicious, healthy dishes that contain all the above nutrients in the right amount.


It's a delicious chicken preparation, topped with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese and dipped in a delicious white wine pan. It is a mouth-watering dish with good protein (found in chicken), fat (cheese) and delicious white wine sauce. It can be easily decorated with vegetables, providing a healthy richness of vitamins and minerals.


The name does not seem to have a portion that looks delicious - 'not smooth', 'broccoli'. and 'potatoes' that is scary, but it seems to go against a less attractive name. It was a preparation that would fill the tastebuds with an explosion of taste and wealth that made it almost impossible to resist. This dish is a mix of health and taste.


This is the perfect preparation for all runaway kids who refuse to eat fruit. This fragrant dish is packed with protein and fiber and is a favorite among kids and adults.

The Importance of Eating Health in Our Lives

It is not necessary to state how important food is to the individual. As mentioned above, it doesn't matter if a person is slim or obese, the important thing is whether the person is eating healthy. More than anything is good, especially not food. But we need to understand the right amount and type of nutrients to suit our body's needs, to stay healthy and to maintain our health.


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