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Five Easy Tips for Beating Festive Season Fat Traps - Without Starving Yourself

Remember that delicious sense of fun we felt as kids on a year-round vacation? Unfortunately, for most of us, it has been replaced by fear ... and not just the prospect of opening our credit card bill in January!

For some of the bigger fears of waiting - the prospect of facing a bathroom scale after weeks of festive food and drinks.

It's not for anything they call holidays like "Christmas holidays." Back in the Middle Ages these festivals were lush islands on the sea of ​​starvation that lasted for months.

In today's developed world, the closest thing to hunger is when we work through lunch. It can be a battle to keep our weight under control in the face of daily food temptations. The year-end banquet can lead us to the edge.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are five easy tips to beat the festive fat season ... and the following are the inevitable guilt. You will be glad to hear that none of them involve your own hunger. In fact, the first tip actually advises the opposite ...

1] Have a good breakfast

This may seem counterproductive, but this advice applies to everyday life, so why change it on holidays? Many people sleep and skip breakfast during the holidays. At lunch or dinner they come in angry and cringe deeper into their mouths than usual.

I'm assuming, of course, that your regular breakfast is sensible and healthy. Starting a day with a pile of pancakes, corn porridge, bacon and six eggs is NOT a great way to start a day, holiday or holiday!

2] Drink at least eight glasses of water a day

You have to drink lots of water every day anyway. This holiday is more important.

We all tend to drink more alcohol or sweet soda during the holidays. I would not be a murderer and would suggest that you deny yourself this indulgence, but try to replace every "bad" drink with a glass of water. If it is a glittering glass of mineral water, with lime sheets in it, you will not look or feel uncomfortable. Your head and your stomach will thank you the next day.

3] Fill in the fiber

Drink one of your eight or so glasses of water half an hour to forty minutes before the main meal, along with fiber supplements. No need to buy expensive dietary supplements, such as hyped ZetaCap or FiberThin. Products like Metamucil are much cheaper and more effective.

You will feel more full when the food arrives, so you will eat less. And thanks to the extra fiber in your diet, food will not last in your digestive system all the time, which means it will be less absorbed to eventually find its way to your waist or thighs.

4] Pace yourself

This applies to the entire festive season and to every great meal you attend during this time. By all means enjoy this celebration, but resist the temptation to turn every day between Thanksgiving and New Year into a feast.

When presented with a table that moans in all its delicious ways, the natural response is to stack your plate as much as you can on it. Go not for more, but for less help. Have a piece of turkey with some vegetables. Then come back for pieces of gammon and potatoes. Well, the sauerkraut looks good ...

Chew slowly and talk to your friends and family. The festivals are by their very nature. Use this to your advantage and take your time. This way you will have plenty of time to register that it is full, which does not happen when you are complaining of a large plate of food.

The bonus is that you can actually enjoy the dessert, rather than forcing it out of a sense of responsibility.

5] Take the hike

Yes, the holidays offer more culinary tastes. But they also offer more opportunities for fun, fat burning activities.

Go for a relaxing swim or walk on the beach if you live in a warm climate. If not, take a leisurely walk in the woods with your kids. Or cuddle to your significant other before the flames ... which will surely lead to one of the most effective and fun forms of exercise!

Happy Holidays!


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