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Fitness Over 60 - DIY Tips For 60 Plus Women to Lose Weight Safely & Stay Fit Without Joining a Gym

Someone might be a violinist but age affects us all. After 60 years of age is required to take care of your health. The most common issue with cards is weight loss. Women plus 60 men also can't focus on gym choices. This is due to time constraints or some health problems. Maintaining your fitness for over 60 may sound difficult but with some simple lifestyle changes, one can achieve it.

Let's take a look at some Do-It Yourself (DIY) tips for 60 plus women to safely lose weight and stay fit without having to go to the gym :

Exercise :

· At this age it's best practice to go fast every morning or before bed at night. You might have a group of two or three of you together for a walk. That will keep you interested and help you maintain your routine.

· Yoga & meditation are also very helpful in weight loss. This breathing technique helps you to keep clean inside to keep fit. They maintain your fitness for over 60 and help you live longer.

· You can use electromagnetic massage to stimulate your nerves and relax the body. It helps in relieving pain if any.

Pressure Control

Stress & tension often lead to weight gain and many other ailments. You should try to calm down. Thinking more often leads to high blood pressure that impedes the process of weight loss.


You do not need to continue to hunger or choose a diet to lose weight. The safest meaning for 60 plus women is to take natural supplements like acai & resveratrol. Along with losing the pool, they help fight all the signs of aging. They reduce wrinkles & finesse and add light to your skin. They also strengthen hair and nails. Acai, in particular, removes your digestive problems and thus helps you easily lose extra weight.

In addition, some DIY diet tips are as follows:

· In place of sugar take apples & honey as sweetener.

· Has lots of raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads served with cayenne pepper and pepper.

· Regularly check your health checks and before switching to any diet, consult your doctor.


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