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Elimination Diet For IBS

Irritating bowel syndrome and nutrition! What's the relationship between them? Can certain foods really lead to IBS symptoms? It is quite impossible, though some doctors in the US still think that nutrition should not be considered a cause for IBS symptoms. So they are skeptical that dietary elimination can help alleviate these IBS disorders. But the fact is that about 70% of people are diagnosed with IBS problems caused by certain foods.

In fact, tests and research have shown that some symptoms of severe bowel syndrome can occur as a result of food intolerance. Those who excluded certain foods from their daily diet according to their IgG antibody test, had an increase in their IBS symptoms (an average decrease of 10–26%).

The most common IBS disorders associated with certain foods are gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, food intolerance, food allergy and food hypersensitivity.

Some experts argue that certain food reactions should be considered as the leading cause of IBS symptoms. In this case, the ideal solution would be Removal Diet. This destructive diet for IBS works excluding certain foods that are thought to cause symptoms of colon cancer.

There are common foods that lead to bad food reactions. According to a survey conducted among IBS patients, the most common foods that cause food intolerance and other IBS symptoms are dairy products, including milk protein (casein) and lactose (milk sugar); beans (ground beans) and soy, barley, wheat, and rye (gluten); shellfish and fish, corn; fruits (apples, oranges, and strawberries), vegetables (celery, cabbage, and salads), nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, guava, and walnuts); At night (potatoes and tomatoes and meat (pork, beef and chicken)) When patients remove these foods from their daily diet, they experience an increase in symptoms.

Each patient has to act on an individual dietary elimination diet based on a variety of tests. In general, diet diets for irritable bowel syndrome are based on common foods that result in certain allergic reactions. But a doctor should take into account that each patient needs an individual approach and each patient can respond individually while the problem is a bad food reaction. Unfortunately, this important issue is not always taken into consideration when prescribing diet diets for patients with bowel syndrome. Indeed, this elimination diet needs to be based on individual tests for gluten intolerance or susceptibility, continuity intolerance, oral allergy syndrome (OAS) and food allergy testing.

In conclusion, it should be noted that dietary elimination diet for IBS can be an effective remedy in the treatment of these symptoms. But of course, one should not act for himself, but only according to the advice and prescription of a specialist.

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