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Cycling, But Without a Bike!

While many people think they need a bike to go biking, you can actually go biking without anyone! One definition of "cycling" is the repeated pattern of one's life. Who do you know, year after year, seems to be in the same situation? For example, maybe a month or a year, they have just met their "soul" and are happier than they have ever been before. Hmmmm ... Well, that didn't work. As before and before. Maybe they are not "soulmates" because they are their "quarterly friends." So you see them again and again now they have one more time meet their "soulmate", someone different. Or, are they? If we are not careful, we tend to do the same things over and over and bring the same result into our lives. This is called "cycling."

We get into the cycle where we go and see and do the same thing over and over. Just like a hamster running in a wheel. Year after year the names change, but the same characters play a role in our lives, with all the same basic elements present. We think we're moving forward. Everyone who watches your life clearly sees you moving in a circle. I also see the feeling represented by the infinity symbol, like side 8 next to it, ∞. It is as if your emotions are trapped in this infinite circle of integers. Trapped in a pattern of thoughts and behavior and you wish you could just stop and go down, right? You may have had that feeling before. Most are in some place in their lives.

Do you know anyone who:

• Get unsatisfactory new jobs?
• Looking for a new "quick rich" scheme that never worked?
• Consistently no money, even if they have stable income?
• Want to start a business, but need to do "a little research"?
• Remain tricked and / or thrown out of a relationship?

You have seen some people do as predicted when the sun comes up every morning. You can literally draw a timeline of their pattern; when their new "soulmate" appears, when they get a new job, or when they ask for financial help. And instead of trying to find help and break the cycle, they jump back to the same thoughts and behaviors and do it again! You may look like you are under invisible control.

And, you're right! Cycles and infinite loops, whether positive or negative, are hypnosis. That's right, you and the other person have a recording of your head that causes you to search same set of conditions and perform the same behavior will produce the same decision . Since you're acting on a programmed recording internally, why not turn it into something you want in your life, a positive recording that plays a better role? Why not recreate your hard drive to make changes that empower you in your life?

Fast! What's the difference between a millionaire and a broken heart? The millionaire has a habit (acts caused by unconscious mental recording) that empowers internal sources and those who break have habits (acts of unconscious mental recording) that consistently drain resources. The difference between people in the long run, successful marriages and people finding "their soul mate over and over again? People in successful marriages have communication habits that strengthen their bond, while those who find their" soul mate "year after year have the habit of destroying the possibility of long-term relationships.

I was wondering, are you ready to break the negative cycle that you might have NOW? Hypnosis and NLP are the only tools that can literally change that old mindset directly. Let me give you a quick example: I see a woman sitting at a table and behind her are about 5 dozen cupcakes left from a party at her place of work. I asked him if he had any difficulty getting away from them and, of course, the answer was "yes". You see, this woman loved cupcakes! He has the cycle "When I see cupcakes, then I want them because I see them, I want the taste, the smell, the texture, I need to have them!" He told me his wish was coming. I asked if I could help her and she said "yes". Using the NLP technique, I eliminated his desire for cupcakes. This took less than 5 minutes! A week later he still had no desire to eat cakes. This is a less dramatic example, but one to show that the thinking that causes us to do the things we hope we do will not be programmed easily and quickly. Hypnosis and NLP work on relationship issues, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, and even things like long-term hatred and PTSD. Imagine now, there is no long term therapy and psychoanalysis. No drugs, diets or pills. Just change the right mindset and become the person you want and know you can be!


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