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Controlling Diabetes Naturally - Wouldn't You Like to Control Diabetes Naturally By Drinking Water?

Diabetes is a high blood sugar disorder.


High blood glucose levels can cause a number of problems, including: Blurred vision, Excessive thirst, Fatigue, Frequent diabetes, Hunger, Excessive thirst, Nausea, Vomiting, Weight loss despite increased appetite, Heart disease. The onset of diabetes can occur when a person becomes obese. People may lose sight, foot and foot to the disease.

Diet to Control Diabetes

When an overweight person has diabetes, it helps to lose weight with a diet. There are bitter vegetables like endives, spinach, green vegetables, bitter melons, and kerala that lower blood sugar. Vegetable juice has an alkaline effect and has been known to restore type I diabetes if it does not become chronic.

Some other suggestions are cod liver oil, Vitamin E (400 to 800 units / day), Alpha lipoic acid (200 to 600 mg / day), Vitamin B12 (1,000 mcg / day), B1 (100 mg / day) 100 to 200 mg / day) and folic acid (800 mcg / day). Vitamin B reduces the hardening of the veins and arteries in the liver and pancreatic pancreas.

Exercise to Treat Diabetes Naturally

By exercising, you can drastically reduce cholesterol accumulation in the arteries. This makes the blood circulate better and the heart healthier. Exercise must be regular, no more than 30 minutes per session. It is best to warm up for the first 5 minutes and then do a 5 minute cooling exercise to get the body to better adapt to the physical tension.

Medicines to Control Diabetes are Expensive

Here is a list of prescribed oral diabetes medications: Actos from $ 2.59 to $ 8.56 a pill, ACTOSPlus Met $ 1.38 to $ 2.66 / pill, Amaryl $ 0.72 to $ 1.88 / pill, Avandaryl ($?), Avandia ( $?), Avandamet (? $), And Duetact 4mg / 30mg $ 7.21 to $ 10.31 / pill. Byetta is an injection drug twice a day, and very expensive, and costs about $ 200.00 a month.

Managing Diabetes Naturally with Alkaline Antioxidant Water

You will not find any pharmaceutical company in the United States that studies the medical benefits of Alkali Antioxidant Ionized Water. That's because it takes a lot of money to do research to prove a drug / water that can alleviate any disease symptoms. They will not be able to patent the Alkaline Antioxidant Alcohol Tool, charge a high price for the appliance, recoup the research cost, and make a profit.

Studies in Norway show that type I diabetes can be caused by acidic water. This is published by the American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Care 25: 1534-1538, 2002.

Therefore, it is the reason why diabetes can be naturally controlled by alkaline antioxidant alkaline water.

What is the easiest way to control diabetes? Treating diabetes naturally with an alkaline diet, and exercise? Or would you rather eat a fresh (mountain stream) Alkaline Antioxidant Ionized Water to control diabetes naturally?


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