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Cold Hands and Feet All the Time? Why This is and How to Warm Up

Do you often experience cold hands and feet all the time? If so, there may be a very good reason why this is that your doctor may not be able to correct it. I will explain 3 different reasons for cold hands and feet and what you can do to warm up once and for all. You don't have to spend as much time walking on the ice.

3 Causes of Cold Hands and Feet

Thyroid Dysfunction: Moisture of the thyroid affects a growing percentage of the female population but men can also suffer from it. Symptoms of this condition can be different from the problem of losing weight to cold hands and feet. It is often caused by other conditions in the body such as adrenal fatigue, candida, malnutrition or heavy metal toxicity.

Unspecified Food Allergy: One of the most common symptoms of food allergy is cold hands and feet! This food sensitivities usually do not appear on the prick tests given by most doctors but if you have blood work done to check for allergens many of the foods you are eating will appear and once removed from the diet you will find important improvements.

Candida: Common effects affect 90% of the population, but the extent to which they affect individuals can change significantly. One of the most common symptoms of people with Candida is cold hands and feet as well as allergies, illnesses, digestive problems such as IBS, hair loss and unknown health issues or causes. It's a good idea to take a Candida test to see how it is affecting you and if you have many symptoms that are causing you like cold hands and feet then it might be time to do something about it. Too much diet changes, proper cleaning protocols and supplements to eliminate excess growth.


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