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Candida Protocol - A Protocol to Reduce Candida Overgrowth

Today I will discuss with you a Candida protocol to eliminate chronic growth that causes various symptoms such as allergies, gas, bloating, IBS and indigestion, joint pain, chronic infections and more. I will discuss 3 steps that need to be taken to eliminate this chronic and difficult situation.

Protocol for Reducing Candida Increase

# 1 - Diet: Diet is very critical and without success in eliminating Candida is impossible because full and complete removal of all sugars and most carbohydrates from the diet is important. It is advisable to have a high diet in vegetables rather than the only ingredients used are quinoa, millet, amaranth and cereal. Minimal amounts of organic meat are acceptable, but many find that they achieve greater success when going full green and especially when eating a completely raw diet, although this generally takes time to move from jumping in.

# 2 - Anti-fungal / Supplements: Garlic, GSE, Oregano, Olive and so on. This list goes on and on. These natural herbs and anti-fungals will reduce your current growth, but they will not and this should be understood, they will not eliminate your Candida for good. The goal is to reduce current growth as you focus on the factors that allow Candida to change in the first place such as medications, bad diets or other toxic factors.

# 3 - Root Causes Addressed: Parasites, Heavy Metals, severe unspecified allergies are all factors that can reduce immune function and in themselves cause severe health problems, with the addition of Candida it only worsens. When these factors are handled correctly using the right techniques then relief from Candida can be achieved. The key to the Candida protocol is focusing only on growth and the main focus on other factors involved.


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