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Are You Trying to Lose Weight by Eating Like a Rabbit?

But we don't think about the bald high fat salad we bring out ... oh yeah that just makes my 100 calorie salad almost as good as a small thin McDonalds cheese burger ... We all know that losing weight means we have to eat less and exercise more (oh moaning ...) but not many of us have the true power to exercise, right? Sick and tired of another weight loss diet that says "You can finally lose weight now" and the only weight you lose is the weight of the dietary scams in your bill or wallet?

You may want to learn more about how to manipulate and control your weight in an easier way. We've heard about the fact that you might be able to train your mind and stomach to think thinly and that's the goal we want. When we think about our failed diet, the most important thing to remember is that we fail, not diet! That's not a good idea. We've read about how you can trick your body into feeling like it's full and you just eat it, that's a great idea! But seriously, we all know we just need to burn more calories than we take. That's the easy part of knowing what we need to do the hard part that will increase the power to do it.

We've all read the latest weight loss fad, as if really fat people are losing weight easily and those who are thinner with the pot brains have the hardest time losing their pot belly and small feathers. Well, we're working against our body's need to keep food storage for a difficult winter. Right, have you ever noticed that when you get to the cold weather you eat more? Your body responds to shorter days and you will be hibernating!

But now, we are not bears. Most people focus on losing weight the hard way. Now we know you are a smart person or you will not read this site. You make decisions every day about what you eat, when you eat, how much exercise you do and how much water you drink and so many little things that all come together so that weight is great for you. Did you know you can gain and lose up to 10 pounds of water? So the new diet you're proud of losing those five pounds, sorry to say they might come back since you were dehydrated, once you're properly hydrated they're coming back! Most people just lose and gain weight and don't know. Water is easily released and easily reintroduced to the body. You can lose up to 10 lbs with just a little weight loss. Losing sensitive weight makes it all the more sensible. It is long-term, helping you lose fat (not water) and maintain weight.

Are You Tired of Fighting With the old story, "I'm Not Losing Weight anymore, Fad Diet?"

Your fat likes you! Fat loves to make it home in the worst of places, in your chocolate cake eating your stomach, your donut hips, sweet rolls on your lower back, and your cookies craving thighs! Did you know that nearly 60% of people in the U.S. overweight? Wow! People are fast food, and eating fatty foods that we know in our hearts is not good for us, but we like the taste and we can't help ourselves. We ate all the wrong foods and didn't exercise. No wonder we are not a thin size of 7 or 9 or 12 anymore!

Did you know that if you use it the wrong way, you're working out muscles that won't help burn more calories? Knowing what exercise works for, and how to do it to improve your metabolism is key. Exercise is right and helps you reduce fat and cellulite. So let's say you just hate exercising! Did you know that you can actually lose more weight by just eating the right metabolism? There are also certain exercises that will make your body burn more calories while you are resting (and sleeping)! It is best to learn how to adjust your weight wisely and do this through a good weight loss plan that involves fair nutrition and moderate exercise.


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