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An Appreciation of Louisa Lust - Teaching Naturopathy

Many times in the business it is the spouses who work together to produce excellent results. This is the case with Louisa Lust (1869-1925). Benedict Lust's celebrated naturopathy wife worked with him to open the American School of American Naturopathy in New York.

Prior to Louisa's partnership already had a name in the world of natural healing and used the time-honored tradition as:

o Hydrotherapy

o Vegetarian food

o Water and light bath

o Rational lifestyle

German born Louisa studied the natural healing methods of Rikli and Kuhne in London before moving to the United States. He established a practice in the United States but continued his education at the Columbia Institute, then in 1901 married Benedict Lust. Their 25-year partnership established Naturopathy as a medical team with lasting impact in the United States. As a cook he prepared delicious dishes and wrote: The Practical Naturopathic Vegetarian Cookbook in 1907. He told us:

o Most of the American diet consists of white flour, sugar, and butter. People who try to live on such things gradually die of hunger

o We extend our life with a cost-effective diet

o We shorten our lives by eating too much

o Provide small meals that require digestive work

Louisa is dedicated to bringing out the qualities of a healthy home where light, air, cleanliness, and a good diet will make one healthy. He believes in a common sense approach to health that he believes is "The Life Force Within". What the public needs is:

o Freedom from fear

o Mastery of cleanliness

Louisa ensures that she is aware of individual treatment and fits their circumstances and experience. Louisa believes there is no better treatment than hydrotherapy and water use. In the event of an acute illness it is a steam bath, and take daily cold baths. He believed that fever was an important force that tried to get rid of toxic substances and toxins and not stop them. He advised that there was no solid food and that the organs would cure the problem naturally. Louisa Lust spends her life trying to help others help themselves. The lessons are still valid today.


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