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Akaline Vs Acidic Debacle

The alkali diet has no science to support it at all. Not necessarily anything to support any claim.

In fact, the only study done on blood pH is to help people avoid being too alkaline or acidic.

You see, blood must remain in a very narrow range: 7.45 to 7.6. Individuals have a set pH and no food on the planet will change that.

Here, how the absurd alkali people are.

1: Eat alkaline foods - then they name the top pair: apple juice, cabbage, apple.

ACV: pH 4.0 - highly acidic

Cabbage: pH 6.2 - slightly acidic

Apples: pH 3.5 - very acidic

The foods they recommend are acidic, not alkaline

Processed foods are alkaline, averaging around 7.5 to 9.0.

2: Foods are better digested

Reality: All foods pass through the stomach and turn to pH 2.0 - highly acidic

They move into the gut at pH8.0 - quite basic

Bile, used to digest fat, pH 5.0 - slightly acidic

Then into the colon at pH 5.0 - slightly acidic

Increasing the stomach pH to 3.0 allows all the complete foods to enter the intestines and this leads to IBS, bile and gall bladder problems, and diverticulitis.

3: Nutrition in foods helps make blood more acidic or alkaline

Reality: Fortunately that's true. The capacity of blood buffer is determined by the nutrients we eat. Processed foods provide no nutrients. Whole foods provide a lot of nutrients. Over 1,000 systems determine if we are within normal range, whether you eat wheat or quinoa.

4: Cancer lives in an acidic state, so eat plenty of cabbage, apples, and vinegar.

Research shows that people with cancer tend to lower their blood pH below the normal pH spectrum. However, before the alkalists celebrated, the same people also had an average carbohydrate intake of more than 300g a day and mostly lived on processed foods. Taking this drug also lowers blood pH. Decreased blood oxygenation and reduced digestive function, lowering blood pH.

We actually find that when your digestive system becomes alkaline, the chances of cancer, diabetes, and other illnesses increase dramatically.

In fact, the only way for him to eat alkali is to support a diet based diet.

The reason why you have to alkalise is just trash.


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