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6 Advantages of the Full Body Workout

We all want to gain muscle and strength as a result of our weight training efforts. There is more than one way to skin a cat though. With research and development of training strategies, supplements, and nutrition, today you can definitely find something that will work for you.

Depending on your goals, and where you are in your training, all of these factors will be different for you. When you gain experience in your fitness journey, you will find yourself making mistakes. But of course everything is part of the process. Just learn from them and move on.

One of the biggest mistakes is getting stuck in the same routine, with the same exercise for months and years. This is the main cause of the phenomenon known as the training plateau. Your body is very resilient, and will adapt to whatever physical strain you may be subjected to. You must constantly change in your efforts.

I would like to see a training method that can help you through the training ground. If your program is made up of muscle groups throughout the week, for example shoulders and biceps on Mondays, back and triceps on Tuesdays and so on, you may want to look into three days a week of full body work.

Here are some reasons why you might want to start a full body workout routine.

1: You will become stronger as the entire training will consist of multi-compound exercises. This is a great movement like a deadlift, and just squatting will make your whole body stronger.

2: More pounds in the bar equals more muscle in your frame. Using this large lift will allow you to use more weight. You will not do any isolation exercises at all.

3: Working your entire body releases more of your natural growth hormone, giving you more muscle mass.

4: If you pinch for time, you won't throw it away. You can get great training in less time. The reason is that you will do basic exercises for your whole body. Even try things like supersetting them.

5: You will only practice 3 days a week so you have more time to recover. And remember that you didn't grow up in the gym, you grew up.

6: If you want to burn fat, this program will work for you. The amount of pressure, and the pressure you put on your muscles will definitely melt the fat.

Give this program a one-month trial and you will see results in your strengths, and mass gains.


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