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Why Can't We Have Canned Veggies in Candida Diet? Having Deli Meats At Lunch

Someone asked me why we should not eat canned veggies on a candida diet. He looked at the vegetable label he had at home and saw that in the ingredients said green beans and water; no more. He likes canned green beans so much, that he wants to know what makes people say he doesn't use them.

She misses cereals, milk, and candy, but not as much as she thought she would. She has eaten a lot less recently, though she has cheated a little. As an example for breakfast, he made eggs with milk. She wasn't sure how to make eggs without milk because she had never been a good cook. She also had a banana or two daily because she was starving at lunch.

He said he didn't do well on this diet. Dinner time was easy, and breakfast was OK with all the eggs, but he had trouble with lunch. He always used sandwiches, so he had to think of something else. She wonders if all the deli meats, including fresh meat, aren't good for lunch.

If you ask what's wrong with canned food, it's "dead food" for one thing. It doesn't have one important thing, and that's an enzyme! We're looking for enzymes, which is why we eat vegetables to start, right? I will stay away from canned and / or processed foods as much as possible and only eat whole foods.

As far as eggs go, I used a little safflower oil in the mine instead of milk. Since the milk is not there to fertilize the eggs, they take a little to get used to it. I like to soak some onions and put them in my eggs that help make them even more attractive.

I just came across a deli meat brand by "Applegate Farms" that makes deli / lunch meat without adding sugar and it's a bit expensive. Beware of meat sliced ​​there in the store, as they usually cut cheese and other meats on the same cutting machine.


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