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What's a Raw Food Diet and Why Should I Care?

Raw food diets may not be what you think. For most people, the term "raw food diet" evokes images of people eating sushi and steak tar. That's not what the term really means. Instead, it involves adding more raw natural foods to your diet such as vegetables and fruits to improve your overall health, energy and well-being. Usually it means incorporating enough fruits and vegetables into your diet to make up about 75% of your daily intake. With such use, you do not need to take vitamins to make a poor diet.

Alkaline vs Acidic Foods

One of the benefits of a raw food diet is that it forces you to eat more alkaline foods which have proven to be far from and even reverse the effects of diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. You already know that processed foods are not good for you and they can add to your diet. By eating more alkaline foods such as colorful vegetables and fruits, you are less likely to fill processed foods and you will be in better health. When you eat as much natural food as possible, it's always a good thing. And, raw is better because a lot of nutrients are lost during the cooking process. That's not to say that you should never eat apple pie or cooked carrots, just that you should consider raw vegetables or fruits as snacks instead of potato chips or cookies. Also, instead of choosing meat as the main focus of your food and vegetables as a side dish, do the opposite and choose your vegetables first.

Detox & Weight Loss

Another benefit to a raw food diet is that it promotes weight loss. Water is a natural way of detoxifying and as raw fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, you will find that your body starts to detox when you adopt a raw food diet. You may initially have headaches or your skin may come out but this is only temporary while your body is cleaning itself. Soon, you will feel more energized, the skin and eyes will become brighter and you will see that the needle is at a lower scale than usual.

So what can you do to add more raw food to your diet? One way is to eat more salads, another is to cut fruits and vegetables into bite-sized pieces and store them in your fridge.


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